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  When is Superior Healthcare open?
  Where can i find the price of a product?
  You don't stock the product I want can you source it for me?
  Can I get help to select the right product?
  Is there a minimum order quantity?
  What is the cut off time for next day deliveries?
  What is a back order?
  How will i know if any of my goods are on back order?
  Who will deliver my goods?
  How long until my order will arrive?
  Do you have set delivery times?
  Can I check where my order is?
  Can I pick up my order?
  What happens if my order arrives when I am not at home?
  Can I return my product if it is incorrect?
  How can I pay?
  Can I pay my account with cash to the delivery driver?
  Can you send my product & invoice to separate addresses?
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Q. What are Superior Healthcare's trading hours?

A. Superior Healthcare's departmental operating hours are as follows:      


Coolaroo Office

7:00am - 5:00pm
7:00am - 5:00pm
7:00am - 5:00pm
7:00am - 5:00pm
7:00am - 4:30pm



Q. How can I place my order?

Orders can be placed using the following contact methods:

      Phone: 03 8787 8222            Online:

 Fax: 03 8787 8333               Email:
Please note: If you are an ABN holder orders will NOT be accepted by phone.
This is to ensure the accurancy and specific requirements of all orders to acheive greater quality.and service for our valued customers.


Q. Where can I find the price of a product?

A: Our online store has up to date product listings, products details and pricing. You can also contact our Customer Service Department for a quote over the phone or to be sent to you via fax or email.


Q. If you do not stock the product I want are you able to source it for me?

A: With over 4000 lines we are sure to carry what you are looking for. If the specified product is not available, you will be advised of its alternative or we will source your preferred product and provide you with a quotation via phone, fax or email.


Q. Can I get help to select the right product?

A: All members of our team are trained to a high level and can provide sound product advice. Our staff are continuously kept up to date with new products and technological advances through rigorous in house training provided by key members of suppliers & manufacturers.


Q. Is there a minimum order quantity?

A: No, to cater for all types of customers and their requirements you are able to order as little or as many units as you require. All stocked items are broken down to the smallest appropriate units, however special order products may require you to take full box quantities. You will be advised if this is the case.


Q. What is the cut off time for next day deliveries?

A: Orders must be placed and received by us prior to 3pm for next day deliveries.


Q. What is a back order and how will i know if any of my goods are on back order?

A: A back order is an item that is currently out of stock.


Q. How will I know if any of my goods are on back order?

A: Customer Service will endeavor to advise you by phone or email if a product alternative is available. If you do not wish to accept the alternative your back order will be indicated on your invoice.




Q. Who will deliver my goods?

A: Superior Healthcare employs our own fleet of Police checked drivers. This is to ensure that a high level of service is carried through from the time you place your order to the time your order is received at your door.


Q. How long until my order will arrive?

A: If your order is placed prior to 3pm delivery will be the following day for in stock items delivered to Melbourne Metropolitan Areas. Should you require an urgent delivery please contact our Customer Service Department direct. As we have our own fleet of drivers we are reasonably flexible, but cannot make any guarantees. We may also use third party transport companies (charges may apply). Superior Healthcare also service rural Victorian areas.


Q. Do you have set delivery times?

A: No, orders received are placed on a driver run but as his route may vary each day we cannot guarantee specific delivery times. However this does not apply to some country Victorian areas, scheduled delivery days are avaliable from the download section.


Q. Can I check where my order is?

A: Yes, all our drivers and fleet of vehicles carry the most up to date technology and locational devices. We are able to check the status of your order at any given time. Please contact our Customer Service Department on (03) 8787 8222 should you wish to know the status of your order.


Q. Can I pick up my order?

A: Yes, you can pick up your order from our warehouse located at Dandenong South, but it is preferred that orders are placed prior to your arrival. This will ensure your order is ready and you are served promptly.


Q. What happens if my order arrives when I am not at home?

A: Our drivers are instructed to leave goods in a safe secure place unless otherwise advised. Please specify any other requirement whilst placing your order.


Q. Can I return my product if it is incorrect?
A: If you receive a product which is damaged we must be notified within 48 hours. If you receive a product which is incorrect or no longer required you must contact our office within 7 days of delivery using the following methods which apply to you.
Private / Residential Customers 
Superior Healthcare's returns policy allows private residential clients to submit a request for credit
for return or exchange of goods via fax, email or phone within 7 days of delivery.

All requests are subject to approval.

Facilities, Pharmacies & Distributors
All requests for returns under the above titles will be required to complete an authorised request for credit form and return via fax or email only. This form must be received in our office within 7 days of receipt of goods. Requests via phone will not be accepted.

All requests are subject to approval.

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Q. How can I pay?

Payment methods are as follows:



Payments with credit cards incur a fee or 2% plus GST fee. A customer service representative will advise you of the applicable fee when placing your order over the phone.

(Please note: all credit card details are shredded and disposed of securely once your payment has been processed. We do not keep any details on hand or in our systems, so card details will need to be given each time you make a payment).

You will also be required to provide the
cv number located on the back of your card. This number is requested to ensure you are in posession of the card being used.


This can be given to a Superior Healthcare driver upon delivery, or alternatively can be posted to our office but your goods will not be dispatched until received.



Transfers can be made via Internet banking or in person at the bank.

Bank:                         Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB Number:           062 334
Account Number:  11413966
Account Title:          Superior Health Care Australia Pty Ltd

As a reference please use either account name / account number / Invoice number. Payments transferred must be presented in our account before any goods will be despatched. This payment method will generally delay delivery of your order by one (1) working day.


Payments can be made at our office using these of any of the above methods.

If you are an ABN holder, resident in a facility or an eligible Superior Health Care customer you may become an Account holder. Contact our office to find out if this applies to you.

Q. Can you send my product & invoice to separate addresses?

A: Yes, we are able to invoice and deliver goods to different addresses i.e.: resident accounts where bills need to be forwarded to appropriate bill payers e.g. State Trustees, Power of Attorney, family members etc. Simple specify your requirements when you place your order. A delivery docket will be sent with your order.

Q. Can I pay my account with cash to the delivery driver?

A: No, to ensure security and correct allocation of your payment to your account all funds must be transferred using the above methods only. However upon placing your ordering you will be asked which payment method you are opting to use. If this is via cheque / money order this will be noted on the delivery docket / invoice so our driver is aware that a payment is required to be collected.




How to order:

Browse Products
Product Search
Request quote/information on an individual product
Using your Shopping Cart
Favourites (Members Only)
Saved Carts (Members Only)
Quick Order (Members Only)

Browse Products:

To the left of the screen you will find all of the product categories located under 'Online Catalogue'.

To browse products simply click on the category that interests you and scroll through the items. Most products are broken up into sub-categories so you may need to click through the sub-categories to get to the product list of your choice. Once you find the product you are looking for, you can 'Add to Cart', 'View More Info', 'Request Quote/Information' or 'Add To Favourites' (if logged in).

Product Search:

To search for a particular product you can use the 'Search Products' field. You can enter any of the following; product code, product name, manufacturer name, manufacturer product code or description of the product and then click the 'Search' button to perform your search. A list of items that match your search criteria will then be displayed.

Request Quote/Information on an Individual Product:

If you require more information on a product, then select 'Request Quote/Information' below the product and complete the short form to send to us. We will respond via email as quickly as possible.

Adding Items to the Shopping Cart
Once you have found an item you wish to purchase, click the "Add to Cart" button and the item will automatically be added to your shopping cart. A confirmation message will be momentarily displayed confirming your selection. 

Viewing Your Shopping Cart
To view your shopping cart just click on the cart icon, which is displayed on the top right hand side of the screen. The shopping cart displays all the products you have chosen together with the sub total. One of the benefits of shopping though our online store is that you know how much you are going to spend before making your purchase.

Edit your Cart Summary
If you would like to increase/ decrease the quantity of any particular product in your shopping cart, simply enter the required amount into the 'Quantity' field next to that product. Then click the 'Recalculate" button to update your Cart Summary total.

At any stage you can click the 'Clear Cart' button to remove all items from your Shopping Cart.

Removing items from your Shopping Cart
To remove items from your shopping cart you can simply click the X icon next to the item you want to remove.

Clearing the Shopping Cart
At any stage you can click the "Clear Cart" button to totally remove all of the items from your shopping cart.

Request Quote on Shopping Cart contents
To request a quote on the contents of your shopping cart, simply click the 'Request Quote' button. This will take you to a 'Request Quote' page where you can fill in the required fields to make your request. To submit your request, click the 'Proceed' button. Note that your Shopping Cart contents will be displayed in bold above the 'Request Quote' form.

Proceed to Checkout
When you have finished browsing products and are ready to finalise your purchase, you may proceed to the checkout by clicking on the 'Check Out' button.

Note that during the 'Check Out / Purchase' process you still have the option to modify your order.






Quick Order (Members only)

  The Quick Order entry form enables you to quickly add products directly to the cart via a simple online form. Access the Quick Order form by selecting "Quick Order" from your Account Menu.

Type the Product Code of the product you would like to add in the "Product Code" field. Press the TAB key to display that product's information, then type a value for the quantity of products you'd like to add and click the "Add to Cart" button.


Login to user account


Once logged in select Quick Order from the Account Menu navigation bar located on the left  of screen).


Select box under heading Product Code.


Begin typing desired product code. Once you enter keystrokes a drop down list will appear displaying possible options matching your criteria. Each keystroke will alter / reduce these suggestions.


To make a product selection you can either click on the item using your mouse or using the arrows on your keyboard navigate to item, once highlighted press the tab key.


The item name, price, availability and image (where available) will now display giving you the option to select your required quantity to add to cart.


A pop-up message will briefly appear confirming that selected items have been added to your cart. The quick order fields will now be clear for you to repeat the process for more quick cart additions or you can navigate to another area of the site.


Manage Account (Members only)


Manage Users (Members only)


Manage Delivery (Members only)


Favourites (Members only)
The 'Favorites List is available to reduce your time browsing and searching the product catalog for those products that you order regularly. If you have a number of products on contract pricing with us, we suggest that you set them up in here.

To add a product to the 'Favorites List' simply Browse or Search the product catalog (please refer to 'browse catalog' and 'search products' in the 'how to buy' guide) and select the 'Add to Favorites' button against the product.

A message will appear then fade out confirming items addition to your favourites list.

To view items in your Favorites List from the 'My Account menu' select 'Favorites'. A list of all the products in your 'Favorites List' will be displayed for you. Select the items you wish to add to cart by entering the quantity you wish to purchase and then click the 'add' button. You can also delete items you no long use by clicking on the 'delete selected' button.

Saved Carts (Members only)
The 'saved carts' feature is available for you to save a shopping cart that you use regularly or are unable to complete or need approval to proceed.

Saving a shopping cart
The saved carts feature is available on the left hand side of the 'shopping cart summary'. When you need to leave the shopping cart or are ready to save as a template order go to 'view cart', enter a name of the cart and select 'Save Cart'.

Viewing a saved cart
To view a saved cart, select 'saved carts' from your account menu. A list of saved carts will be listed with the name of the cart, the date it was saved on and a contact name of the person who created the cart. Locate the cart you wish to view and select 'view details'. A summary page will be provided with the ability to restore the cart by selecting the 'restore cart' button.

Editing a shopping cart from a saved cart

Refer to 'Edit your Cart Summary' and/or 'Removing items from your Shopping Cart' under the 'Using your Shopping Cart' area on this page.

Restoring a saved cart
To restore a previously saved cart, select 'saved carts' from your account menu. A list of saved carts will be listed with the name of the cart, the date it was saved on and a contact name of the person who created the cart. Locate the cart you wish to restore and select 'restore cart' from the right hand side. You will then be taken to the shopping cart summary - for instructions on how to use the shopping cart please refer to 'Using your Shopping Cart'. Please note that it is possible to restore a saved cart if there are items in the cart. You are also able to edit quantities.

Removing a saved cart
To remove unnecessary carts from the saved cart list, simply locate the cart you want to delete and select 'remove cart' on the right hand side.

Previous Orders (Members only)

To remove unnecessary carts from the saved cart list, simply locate the cart you want to delete and select 'remove' on the right hand side.


Invoices (Members only)



1. Select "Register" from the top of the Navigation menu.

2. Complete fields as required (please note all fields containing * are mandatory).

3. Enter email address (this will be your user name). Select password (must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least 1 number).

4. Re-enter your password to confirm.

5. You will be required to enter a 'verification code'. This is a random combination of letters & numbers shown in an image. This is case sensitive.

6. A message will then be displayed confirming your registration, which will also be delivered to your inbox.

7. Your current Account with Superior Healthcare will then be allocated to your new Web Account to ensure all appropriate pricing, delivery and account options are correct.

8. A secondary email will be sent to you confirming your account has been set up. You now have the ability to login to your account and take advantage of the account holder features.

A representative will be in contact with you shortly. Please remember to complete the credit application in full and return to our office within 7 working days.

1. Select "Forgot password?" to the right of the login box.
2. You will then be re-directed to the reset password screen, type in your username (this will be the email address of 
     the user).
4. A confirmation message will then be displayed confirming your request. Please check your email inbox for details.
A representative will be in contact with you shortly. Please remember to complete the credit application in full and return to our office within 7 working days.


Select CAPS from the page selection.

To download the latest application form (Transfer and authority application) click on the 'CAPS APPLICATION FORM' button.

 A form will then be displayed requiring you to complete some basic contact details.

We ask that these details be provided to ensure that if Superior Healthcare is selected as the recipient of your funding we are able to immediately identify your funds once received by Medicare. Notification by Medicare to the nominated recipient is sent via Australia Post but should this not be received we have various processes in place as to not delay the use of the funds by the applicant.

Upon completing click on 'submit form' button which will then display a message confirming your request.

You will then receive the CAPS Application form in your inbox.

All new applicants must complete all sections required. For all returning applicants, 'Eligibility Guide' and Section 3 'Health Report' can be bypassed.

Once completed please post to:

     Continence Aids Payment Scheme
GPO Box 9822
    Sydney NSW 2001

CAPS application forms can also be submitted at any Medicare office.
What happens next?

Once your funding has been received by Superior Healthcare a dedicated account will be created under the applicants name. We will then apply funding received as well as an additional $75 bonus (applies where the applicant has  nominated Superior Healthcare as the recipient of full annual payment).

Using the details you provided when downloading application form we will contact you to advise the following:

  • Receipt of CAPS funding from Medicare Australia.
  • Amount received and additional $75 credited to your account (where applicable).
  • Information to be posted to the client (ie. Product Catalogue , order forms etc).