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Crystal Bed Pad Boss40 90x90 with Flaps

Crystal Bed Pad Boss40 90x90 with Flaps

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Complete protection for the bed or lounge chair.

  • High retention value of 2500mls. Complete with premium core soaker criss-cross felt stitched for maximum absorption combination.
  • Non-Pill surface and upper stay-dry Liner.
  • Waterproof sanitised backing and dual open sides for quick drying.
  • Pristine poly cotton wings to allow excellent tuck into mattress.
  • Wet line indicator for easy visual checking.
  • Vat dyed and completely colourfast suitable for commercial and home use.
  • Australian made product. Please wash this product before use.
  • Care: Can be laundered up to 90 degrees, wash and dry.
  • Do not use: Fabric Softeners, as this will inhibit absorption levels of bed pad.

 Product Code: BLCR236-1


Brand: Kylie

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