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Protect yourself and others from blood borne pathogens

Employers and business owners must follow a code of practice to protect staff and the public from the dangers of body fluid spills.*

What is a body fluid spill?

The most common type of body fluid spills that occur in the workplace, at home or in public domains are vomit, blood, faeces & urine.

What are the dangers?

Often the people causing these spills are not even aware they have a serious infectious disease.

The most serious & widespread concern is exposure to Hepatitis B & as well as HIV. Not only are these diseases life threatening, they can be contracted by direct contact with infected blood or bodily fluid.

What protection is required?

The Australian Safety and Compensation Council (formerly NOHSC) require*: All body fluid spills be treated as potentially infectious. The code in summary requires:

• People cleaning these spills must have personal protective equipment

• The spill must be contained with a non toxic odour and moisture absorbent

• The spill must NOT be washed up with standard domestic equipment, such as mop & bucket, due to cross contamination

• Spill must be disposed of as clinical waste

The ZeoMed clean-up powder is essential to the kits

ZeoMed clean-up powder incorporates a pure form of zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral. Its properties make it ideal for a spill kit as follows:

ODOUR: Quick acting, natural absorbent of toxic and noxious odours

EPA: It is a 100% natural mineral, ecologically safe and non-toxic – MSDS available

ABSORBTION: It absorbs excess moisture, helping coagulate the spill, which is usually a combination of viscous & solid materials

SHELF LIFE: ZeoMed clean-up powder is inert and has no expiry date

INGESTION: Our Zeolite is pure and milled to ensure there is no complications with dust inhalation

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