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Enfit Reusable Enteral Syringe 60ml, Each

Product Code: FNMM001-1

Enteral feeding syringes for long term gastric feeding.

$3.00(GST Free)


Feeder Cup with 2 Handles 250ml, each

Product Code: FC111-1

2 handled Autoplass feeder cup. Allows for easier feeding for patients.

$8.00(ex GST)


FlexiFlo Flexitainer Enteral Feed 1000mL, each

Product Code: FNAB001-1

The Flexiflo Flexitainer® is a clear plastic container that allows for easy decanting of feeds or water, giving a patient the...

$8.79(GST Free)


$9.95(GST Free)


Flocare Infinity Pack Mobile Set Y-Port (601586), Each

Product Code: FNNU988-1

Flocare feeding sets connect Nutricia's Nutrison and Nutrini packs to the feeding tube.

$9.95(GST Free)


$9.90(GST Free)


$9.90(GST Free)


$11.68(GST Free)


Flocare PEG Feeding Connector CH18, Each

Product Code: FNNU084-1

The Feeding Connector is a multipurpose polyurethane connector for connection to Flocare feeding tubes.

$17.85(GST Free)


FreeGo Enteral Pump Giving Set Enfit S790, Each

Product Code: FNAB087-1

The Abbott FreeGo enteral feeding pump has been designed for ease of use for patients and healthcare professionals. The FreeGo pump giving set...

$15.91(GST Free)


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