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Freestyle Optium Glu Test Strip

Freestyle Optium Glu Test Strip

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Medisense Optium Glucose Electrode Strips

  • End-fill strips use extremely small blood samples.
  • Alternative site testing - Provides the option to test on the forearm, upper arm or base of the thumb instead of fingertips for less pain.
  • Fast 5 second test time.
  • Designed to reduce the effects of interference from metabolites and common medicines such as aspirin, vitamin C and paracetamol: Glucose specific results.
  • Designed to minimize strip waste and costs due to fewer test error messages.
  • Individual foil wrapping to avoid inaccuracies caused by the effects of exposure to air or moisture.
  • Avoids false starts through patented fill trigger which is designed to prevent tests starting until enough blood is applied.

 Product Code: GMAB884-1


Brand: Miscellaneous

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