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SAF-T-INTIMA 24Gx19mm Y Adaptor

SAF-T-INTIMA 24Gx19mm Y Adaptor

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The Saf-T-Intimia (24Gx19mm Y Adaptor) extends the line on safety by providing needle stick protection from I.V. start to tubing connection. A unique, telescoping safety shield covers the needle after use to help provide protection against accidental needle stick injuries.


  • Has wings, extension tubing and Y adapter
  • Made of BD Vialon™ biomaterial
  • Combines needle stick protection with a virtually bloodless start for high levels of safety in IV therapy

Specifications include:

  • Catheter Gauge: 24G
  • Catheter Length: 19mm
  • Flow Rate: 22mL/min

 Product Code: GMMC130-1

Category: CANNULA

Brand: Miscellaneous

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