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Gerson Particulate Respirator P2 3727, Box 10

Gerson Particulate Respirator P2 3727, Box 10

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PrimaGARD N95 Respirator

Sentry Medical is the proud supplier of the PrimaGARD® range of surgical masks and N95 respirators in Australia. Developed in Canada and distributed throughout North America, all surgical masks are independently tested to comply with the requirements of AS4381:2002, ISO16603:2004 and ISO16604:2004.

The masks are available in a variety of protection levels; 16Kpa (120mmHg) for moderate risk of fluid procedures, 21Kpa (160mmHg) for high fluid procedures, and the N95 Respirator for protection against non oil-based air particles. Sentry Medical are the first to offer 6 layered 21Kpa (160mmHg) masks which assists surgeons and scrub nurses to stay cool over a longer periods of time. The masks also have longer ties for easier fitting, and are made from low allergenic components for comfort.

This range of PrimaGARD respirators are constructed with a 5 layer softbill chamber. These respirators are made for comfort, with no hard edges, and flexibility to fit different facial shapes.

 Product Code: GMMC675-10


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