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OMRON Intellisense BPM Kit HEM-907

OMRON Intellisense BPM Kit HEM-907

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OMRON Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, Model HEM-907 is developed to measure blood pressure with accuracy and simple operation in the doctor's consultation room or at bedside. One-push operation Just by wrapping the cuff and pushing the START Button (to start measurement), blood pressure and pulse rate can be measured. Measurement is made by oscillometric method. Automatic pressure setting When the P-SET (Pressure Setting) Knob is set to "AUTO," this unit will automatically inflate the cuff to the optimal pressure according to each patient's blood pressure. Cumbersome pressure value setting operation is not necessary. Large and easy to read display With the use of an LCD display, display of figures is large and easy to read. Quiet operation Because this unit is designed for quiet operation, it can be used in the hospital room at night. Average Mode (AVG. Mode) Just by wrapping the cuff and pushing the START Button (to start measurement), this unit will automatically start to measure for two or three times. After the measurements, the average values of systolic and diastolic blood pressures and pulse rate of measurements are displayed. The results of each measurement can also be called. By changing the setting, the number of measurements and the interval can be changed. Auscultation Mode (MANU. Mode) This unit can measure blood pressure by using a stethoscope. The unit inflates and deflates the cuff automatically, then displays the pressure values. As the pressures during deflation are digitally displayed and synchronized with the pulse rate, they can be read with accuracy. The deflation speed after confirming the systolic pressure and immediately before the diastolic pressure can be accelerated.

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Brand: Omron

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