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Molipants Soft - XXL, Pkt 25

Molipants Soft - XXL, Pkt 25

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Packet 25 MoliPants Soft are a highly elastic, yet extremely soft fixation pant. They keep pads securely in place and do not cut into sensitive skin. MoliPants Soft can be washed many times and even put through normal laundry cycles without losing elasticity or softness.

Features and Benefits:

  • Size: XXL
    Measurement: 140 - 180cm
  • Easy handling, easy differentiation between products through colour coding
  • Keeps its shape after drying
  • Soft cuffs, does not cut into legs
  • Comfortable
  • Safe fixation, no leakage of pad
  • Can be washed up to 60 times

 Product Code: INCS158-25

Category: PADS

Brand: Miscellaneous

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