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TENA Pants Plus Extra Large, Pkt 12

TENA Pants Plus Extra Large, Pkt 12

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* Available in four absorbency levels * TENA Pants are the first disposable absorbent products that can be handled just like normal underwear encouraging more self care * Discreet for light use * Normal for moderate use * Plus for moderate to heavy use * Super for heavy use * A greater independence can now be enjoyed by all * Now with FeelDry, TENA Pants offer outstanding dryness, comfort and skin health to the user * Can easily be pulled up and down like underwear * Discreet and dignified solution * Adhesive strip at back for easy disposal * Tear away seams make removal easier * Reduced product usage saves time and money * Latex free * Waist Size 120cm - 160cm * Total Capacity 1440ml * Working Capacity 864ml * Colour White

 Product Code: INCT206-12

Category: TENA PANTS

Brand: Tena

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