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Tena Flex Proskin Plus Medium PKT 30

Product Code: INCT230-30

$53.90 (GST Free)

Category: Tena Flex

Brand: Tena

Product Description

The most innovative cost-saving breakthrough product available for heavy bladder weakness 

TENA Flex is applied in either sitting, standing or lying positions and has Velcro-like waistband to allow easy application by either wearer or carer 

TENA Flex now incorporates a unique 100% breathable backsheet that lets the air, not the fluid, circulate 

This helps to maintain healthier skin and because of the cloth-like covering, both comfort and dignity are greatly improved

Furthermore, because it's all-in-one, there's no extra fixation required

TENA Flex with FeelDry offers outstanding dryness to the user and ease of use to the carer, providing the highest quality of care.

More comfortable, discreet solution  Easier to fit and work with 

Convenient hook-in-line fastening 

Colour coded for correct selection 

Cost-saving future shape of continence care

Latex free 

Waist Size 105cm - 153cm 

Total Capacity 3430ml 

Working Capacity 2058ml 

Colour Green