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TENA Flex Maxi Extra Large, Pkt 21

TENA Flex Maxi Extra Large, Pkt 21

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  • The most innovative cost-saving breakthrough product available for heavy bladder weakness
  • TENA Flex is applied in either sitting, standing or lying positions and has Velcro-like waistband to allow easy application by either wearer or carer
  • TENA Flex now incorporates a unique 100% breathable backsheet that lets the air, not the fluid, circulate
  • This helps to maintain healthier skin and because of the cloth-like covering, both comfort and dignity are greatly improved
  • Furthermore, because it's all-in-one, there's no extra fixation required
  • TENA Flex with FeelDry™ offers outstanding dryness to the user and ease of use to the carer, providing the highest quality of care
  • More comfortable, discreet solution
  • Easier to fit and work with
  • Convenient hook-in-line fastening
  • Colour coded for correct selection
  • Cost-saving future shape of continence care
  • Latex free
  • Waist Size 105cm - 153cm
  • Total Capacity 4890ml
  • Working Capacity 2934ml
  • Colour Lilac

 Product Code: INCT360-21

Category: TENA FLEX

Brand: Tena

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