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TENA Duo Protection Layer, Pkt 30

TENA Duo Protection Layer, Pkt 30

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* TENA Duo Protection Layer has been specifically developed to support faecal incontinence * Designed to be inserted into a base pad from the TENA range * TENA Duo Protection Layer has a bowl-shape for containment and a body shape fit for comfort and optimal security * TENA Duo protects the base pad from faecal contamination and therefore can make managing faecal incontinence more time and cost effective * Inserted into a base pad, TENA Duo Protection Layer works to protect the TENA base pad from faecal contamination * Specially designed to be partnered with a base pad from the TENA range, to promote wearer comfort How to wear it? * Prepare the base pad by opening out fully including lifting of the standing gathers * Channel the TENA Duo Protection Layer by folding the product in half length-wise, insert the TENA Duo into the base pad, towards the back two-thirds of pad * To remove, roll the product from front to back to avoid cross- contamination Additional information: * Please note, TENA Duo is not designed to be used on its own and perineal hygiene must be maintained at all times. * Both TENA Duo and the base pad must be changed immediately once in contact with faecal matter * Non woven back sheet allows urine to pass through to base pad * Helps protect base pad from contamination reducing base pad waste * Side elastics work to create the bowl-shaped design that offers a cavity area for containment * Body shape design optimizes comfort and provides a superior body fit

 Product Code: INCT600-30


Brand: Tena

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