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Tena Pants Proskin Plus X-Large PKT 12

Product Code: INCT712-12

$30.50 (GST Free)

Category: Tena Pants

Brand: Tena

Product Description

 Available in four absorbency levels

TENA Pants are the first disposable absorbent products that can be handled just like normal underwear encouraging more self care 

Discreet for light use 

Normal for moderate use 

Plus for moderate to heavy use

Super for heavy use 

A greater independence can now be enjoyed by all 

Now with FeelDry, TENA Pants offer outstanding dryness, comfort and skin health to the user

Can easily be pulled up and down like underwear 

Discreet and dignified solution 

Adhesive strip at back for easy disposal 

Tear away seams make removal easier 

Reduced product usage saves time and money 

Latex free

Waist Size 120cm - 160cm

Total Capacity 1440ml

Working Capacity 864ml 

Colour White