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Deep Splash Bowl 345mm

Product Code: GM565-1

Autoplas Deep Splash Bowl. Easy to use.

$19.90(ex GST)


$19.75(ex GST)


Flexi-Seal Faecal Management Bags

Product Code: GMCN606-1

Flexi-Seal® FMS is a temporary containment device, indicated for bedridden or immobilized, incontinent patients with liquid...

$24.50(GST Free)


Green Deep Lotion Bowl 240mm

Product Code: GM574-1

Easy to use deep green Autoplas lotion bowl.

$9.55(ex GST)


Probe Covers Tympanic Genius 2, Box 96

Product Code: GM647-96

Genius 2 Probe Covers Genius 2 Electric Thermometer probe covers are quick and easy to use with the Genius 2 Thermometer for Kendall, The Genius 2...

$22.00(ex GST)


Splash Bowl 185 mm

Product Code: GM567-1

Autoplas Splash Bowl. Easy to use.

$5.95(ex GST)


Splash Bowl Metal 140mmx60mm

Product Code: GM569-1

Metal splash bowl. Easy to use lotion bowl.140 X 60 MM.

$15.90(ex GST)


Splash Bowl Sterile 6L Blue, Each

Product Code: GMMP595-1

$19.00(ex GST)


Splinter Probe Disposable, Box 5

Product Code: GMMC004-5

These Disposable Splinter Probes will help you safely remove splinters.

$3.45(ex GST)


$19.95(GST Free)


Tongue Depressors Indivi-Wrapped, Box 50

Product Code: GMSY634-50

Tongue Depressors Individually Wrapped. Individually wrapped tongue depressors are constructed from 100% non-coloured plantation pine...

$3.45(ex GST)


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