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Suction Tubing Flex Non-Sterile 6 Metre tube, each

Suction Tubing Flex Non-Sterile 6 Metre tube, each

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STERILE SUCTION TUBING - FLEXIBLE ID6MM OD9MM, 6M LENGTH A suction tube is a medical device which provides suction by being attached to a suction machine. Suction can be used to clear liquids and slurries away from an area of concern, and it is utilized in many different aspects of medical care. Suction devices are commonly found on ambulances, in hospital rooms, in emergency rooms, and in clinics, with attachable tubing and tips for various applications. Like other medical devices, the suction machine is designed with replaceable tubing and tips which can be changed between patients to limit the spread of disease.

 Product Code: OCMD999-1


Brand: Multigate

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