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Remove the most germs and bacteria from your hands thanks to the alcohol based handwash in stock from Superior Healthcare. Renowned for its ability to kill most types of bacteria and germs, alcohol handwashes are necessary for health care workers preparing for contact with patients, or getting ready for procedures.

Available at affordable prices and in varying quantities, our range of alcohol based handwashes give health care professionals peace of mind, while also helping to maintain a sanitary working environment.


Buy Hand Sanitiser Online

At Superior Healthcare we are dedicated to supplying and delivering the best medical products, materials, and equipment possible. With our wide range of sanitisers we make buying hand sanitiser online easy.

Antiviral Sanitiser

Keep your hands clean and germ-free with this Australian Made Hand Sanitiser. Made with 70% alcohol, this hand sanitiser kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Committed to improving the health of our customers Superior Healthcare is proud to stock the antiviral sanitiser that medical facilities across Australia can trust.


  • Made from 70% ethyl alcohol
  • 600mL capacity
  • Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria
  • Moisturising formula
  • Instant antibacterial properties
  • No need to rinse with water
  • Safe, quick and convenient

Hand Sanitiser Wholesale Suppliers

With increased demand in hand sanitisers customers Australia-wide can buy the amount of hand sanitiser that they need for their facility from us and for a competitive price. So if you are after one of the best hand sanitiser wholesale suppliers in the country look no further than Superior Healthcare.


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Aqium Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 375ml, each (Limited Stock Available)

Product Code: PCEG901-1

Aquim Gel 375ml AQIUM Gel is an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that kills germs without soap or water. With a variety of sizes, from a big...

Brand: Ego

$12.25(ex GST)

In Stock


Aqium Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 60ml, each

Product Code: PNEG028-1

Good hand hygiene is one of the best ways to help avoid the spread of germs. Obviously, this is achieved by washing your hands. But...

Brand: Ego

$3.90(ex GST)

In Stock



Product Code: MWA1011380-1

Brand: N/A

$9.95(ex GST)

In Stock


Crystal Care Hand Sanitiser 600mL Pump

Product Code: CCHS-600SP


Brand: N/A

$10.95(ex GST)

In Stock


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