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Bed Bath Lite Wipes (Confident Care), Pack 8

Bed Bath Lite Wipes (Confident Care), Pack 8

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CCP BedBath Lite with Aloe Vera contains a cleansing formula to help nourish & moisturise the skin. Gentle & non irritating it can be used on all areas of the body.

Each pack contains 8 washcloths for each part of the body as follows:

1. Face, Neck & Chest,

2. Left Arm.

3. Right Arm,

4. Back,

5. Left Leg,

6. Right Leg,

7. Buttocks

8. Perineum

These Confident Care Bed Bath Lite cloths are great for the Budget Conscious or for when a premium product is not required.

 Product Code: PNCC420-8


Brand: Confident Care

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