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Disposable Sharps Container 1.4Lwith Screw Top

Product Code: CSMC380-1

Terumo Sharps Containers are used for discarding contaminated sharps waste including used needles, syringes, lancets and devices used in medical...

$6.20(ex GST)


Disposable Sharps Container Purple 1.4L

Product Code: CSMC140-1

$6.74(ex GST)


Disposable Sharps Container Purple 19L

Product Code: CSMC019-1

$37.63(ex GST)


Disposable Sharps Container Yellow 19L

Product Code: CSMS019-1

$37.63(ex GST)


Disposable Sharps Jar 3.2L

Product Code: CSDB003-1

$7.88(ex GST)


Disposable Sharps Jar 6L

Product Code: CS381-1

Sharps Containers are designed in good sharps removing function for safe use. Sharps Containers are manufactured in round shape style with various...

$14.10(ex GST)


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