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Autolet Platforms Yellow 2.4mm AT0300

Autolet Platforms Yellow 2.4mm AT0300

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Two lancet devices provide a clean, rapid incision to a controlled depth, minimizing bruising and scarring of tissue.

Autolet™ Lite Clinisafe

  • Spring-loaded device conceals lancet inside the device before and after incision
  • After each patient sample, the lancet and platform (both potentially contaminated components) are ejected at the touch of a button
  • Easily operated with one hand, permitting patients to draw their own blood samples
  • Comes with 50 Unilet Superlite lancets, and instructions for use

Autolet II Clinisafe

  • Lancet fits into a spring-loaded arm and, when released by depressing a button, travels in a rapid arc to pierce the finger
  • Supplied with vinyl wallet, 10 Unilet Superlite lancets, 10 yellow platforms, and instructions


Sterile, disposable Unilet Superlite lancets with round, ribbed for use with both Autolet devices

 Product Code: SIMC001-1

Category: LANCETS

Brand: Miscellaneous

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