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M Devices Syringe 10mL L- Lock

Product Code: GMMD998-100

$22.95(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 10ml L- Slip

Product Code: GMMD267-100

$18.00(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 10ml L- Slip EACH

Product Code: GMMD267-1

$0.30(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 1mL L- Lock

Product Code: GMMD967-100

Multigate Syringe Luer Lock 1ml Box 100

$55.83(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 1ml L- Slip

Product Code: GM620MD-100

$14.85(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 20ml L- Lock

Product Code: GMMD800-100

$26.95(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 20ml L- Slip

Product Code: GMMD063-100

$22.95(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 3mL L- Lock

Product Code: GMMD610-100

$15.45(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 3mL L- Lock, Each

Product Code: GMMD610-1

$0.30(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 3mL L- Slip

Product Code: GMMD032-100

$15.45(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 50ml L- Slip

Product Code: GMMD087-40

$28.00(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 5ml L- Lock

Product Code: GMMD981-100

$15.95(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 5ml L- Slip

Product Code: GMMD049-100

$15.95(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 60ml Catheter Tip

Product Code: GM630MD-50

$65.00(GST Free)


$1.95(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 60ml L- Lock

Product Code: GMMD100-40

$48.00(GST Free)


M Devices Syringe 60mL L- Slip

Product Code: GMMD094-40

$48.00(GST Free)


MD Insulin Safety Syringe 1ml 29Gx8mm

Product Code: GM625MD-100

$47.60(GST Free)


MG Insulin Safety Syringe 1ml 29Gx13mm

Product Code: GMMD626-100

$44.95(GST Free)


Monoject Syringe L-Slip 6mL 8881516911

Product Code: GMCV176-1

MONOJECT high-quality syringes match the quality of Zoetis vaccines. The refined veterinary needle point provides optimal sharpness and...

$22.50(GST Free)



Product Code: GM615-100

Insulin Syringe 1ml - 100U 27Gx1/2" (13mm length) Ultra-thin needle assures smooth entry and injection comfort. Calibrated with large,...

$31.50(GST Free)


Nipro Syringe 20mL L-Slip w/o Needle

Product Code: GMSM112-50

Ultra-thin needle wall for efficient and rapid drug delivery. Exceptionally sharp lancet point. Colour coded hub for quick...

$20.00(GST Free)


Nipro Syringe L-Lock 5mL

Product Code: GMSM930-100

Polypropylene syringe barrel and specially formulated elastomer stopper for smooth, accurate motion, every time. Clear barrel and...

$25.00(GST Free)


Terumo Insulin Syringe 1ml 27Gx13mm SS*

Product Code: GMTA227-100

Terumo Insulin Syringes are designed to provide maximum patient comfort, accurate dosing and consistent high quality. Insulin syringes have low...

$38.07(GST Free)


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