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Baxter Solution Admin Set ZMC9625

Baxter Solution Admin Set ZMC9625

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Baxter Healthcare is a global medical products company with 80 years of expertise in the medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology fields. Their brand is recognised world round for making a meaningful difference in patient’s lives.

Baxter is a recognized leader in Intravenous (IV) medication delivery, providing infusion pumps, IV tubing, and access devices to enable delivery of IV fluids and drugs to patients.

Baxter offers unique capabilities in the design, development, and integration of hardware and electronic systems and the software that controls them. From Large Volume Infusion pumps to Repeater pumps, Baxter offers a broad portfolio of products that promote appropriate and cost-effective fluid delivery in hospitals and other acute-care settings. As Baxter designs products, we incorporate usability and health informatics features that provide connectivity capabilities and promote patient safety and ease of use.

 Product Code: UDMS001-1

Category: IV THERAPY

Brand: Miscellaneous

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