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Retain your mobility and a greater quality of life with the catheter leg bags from the medical supply experts at Superior Healthcare. Attaching to the leg of the wearer, the catheter leg bag collects any fluids from the bladder discreetly, allowing the wearer to walk around without having to be bound to the bed.

 Catheter Leg Bag

At Superior Healthcare we strive to provide the best and most modern health care products on the market today. Committed to improving the quality of life of patients across Australia we can change the way our patients live and work. With our selection of discreet and comfortable catheter leg bags wearers can regain their dignity and freedom of movement.

Find out more about the possibilities offered by a catheter leg bag by contacting us today!

Urine Bag Online

Ensure that all urine collected by a catheter is stored securely for disposal with the urine bags online available from Superior Healthcare. Available in varying sizes and dimensions, as well as leg and bed varieties, our urine bags online reduce spills and leaks and allow for easy flushing of collected waste.

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