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Clean the skin from contaminants and bacteria with the alcohol swabs online from Superior Healthcare. As a leading health care product provider Superior Healthcare can assist customers from all medical fields to buy alcohol swabs of the highest standard and quality.

Easy to use and completely sealed before use, our selection of alcohol swabs are fast-acting and can be used to clean wounds, clean skin in preparation of procedures, and clean surfaces to remove harmful elements.




Alcohol Swab Online

With our highly-effective and competitively-priced alcohol swabs online medical professionals from all industries and specialisations can keep it clean with ease. To find out more about our superior solutions and products get in touch with Superior Healthcare today.

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Alcohol Swab Prep Pads 6cm x 6cm, Box 200

Product Code: CSRE417-200

Brand: Reynard

$8.90(GST Free)

In Stock


Convacare Protective Barrier Wipes, Box 100

Product Code: BDCN320-100

ConvaCare Protective Barrier Wipes provide a barrier film layer on skin under tapes, skin barriers, adhesive and hydrocolloid dressings to help...

Brand: Convatec

$45.40(GST Free)

In Stock


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