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As medical product supply professionals the team at Superior Healthcare know how important it is to keep environments as germ and bacteria-free as possible. By reducing the number of germs in a hospital, aged care facility, or other place inhabited by compromised persons and patients, the ability to recover from procedures and illnesses grows.

With our antibacterial spray available to purchase online, carers and medical professionals can improve the condition and health of their facilities thanks to the fast-acting and high-quality spray. To effectively remove bacteria and germs from your workplace and greatly reduce the chances of infection, call Superior Healthcare today.


Find Cost-Effective Antibacterial Spray Online

Superior Healthcare is proud to be a sought-after name among customers looking for antibacterial spray online at competitive prices. We stock premium products in both small and large quantities, meaning our customers can find a product to work for disinfecting their home kitchen, or larger items for bigger commercial spaces.


The Leaders in the Supply of Antibacterial Spray Online

While antibacterial spray is a must-have item in all hospitals and medical clinics, it is also a versatile and handy product to have in the home.

At Superior Healthcare we are among the most trusted destinations when it comes to finding antibacterial spray online, and assist our customers in finding the right product to suit their day-to-day needs.

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Product Code: EQDISL5

A concentrated general purpose disinfectant that is easy to use and highly economical. This hospital grade disinfectant has a strong dilution...

Brand: N/A

$26.00(ex GST)

In Stock


Spray Bottle 500mL, each

Product Code: CSMN129-1

Brand: N/A

$3.95(GST Free)

In Stock


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