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Cotton Cellular Blanket- White Each

Product Code: FESA001-1

100% Cotton White in Colour Reusable  100% Cotton Cellular Blanket, 5x3 Leno Weave. 190 x 264 cm

$25.00(ex GST)


Heavenly Dream Pillow 500g Fill Each

Product Code: FEWM010-1

100% Cotton Japara Cover Polyester Fibre Filling Made in Australia 600gsm Fill

$17.00(ex GST)


S&M Non Woven Pillow Sleeve Navy Blue CTN 200

Product Code: FEAX512-200

S+M Pillow Sleeve Cover is a disposable non-woven cover designed to protect pillows from skin and hair particles. Made of polypropylene...

Brand: Aaxis

$149.00(ex GST)


Stretcher Sheet With Elastic Ends Blue 101cmx238cm BOX100

Product Code: GMSY002-100

Constructed from a non-woven, spun bond polyethylene fabric. Suitable...

Brand: Sentry

$122.50(ex GST)


Waterproof Pillow- Spray And Wipe Each

Product Code: FEWM500-1

For the Healthcare Industry  Water repellent Fire Retardant Fluid Resistant Anti-microbial,...

$17.00(ex GST)


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