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First Aid

First Aid Supplies Australia

If you’re looking for first aid supplies in Australia, whether it’s for your medical clinic, hospital, or care home, the team at Superior Healthcare can help you. We stock a comprehensive range of first aid supplies in Australia, ranging from the simplest products to the more advanced first aid supplies.

When people think of the term first aid supplies, they picture fast, reliable solutions that are within arms-reach. At Superior Healthcare, that's exactly what we aim to provide for home carers, GP clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities. With our next day dispatch promise* and free shipping on bulk purchases, you can rely on Superior Healthcare to bring first aid to you.

Our brands are trusted, our team is personalised, and we deliver our products to every corner of Australia. Based in Victoria, we are proud to be an entirely Australian owned and operated team. Our dedicated staff aren’t just faceless employees at a large supplies company. We’re the familiar voice on the other end of the phone who will deal with each client individually to provide the personalised first aid supplies and solutions they need.

Our first aid supplies include a wide range of products for everyday use. At Superior Healthcare, we only stock first aid supplies in Australia that are nationally and internationally recognised. With brands such as Liberty, Coverplast, Able, and Aaxis on our shelves, you can be sure that our products will meet your needs.

There’s no need to second guess where your supplies are or how effective they will be when you choose Superior Healthcare. Our range of first aid supplies in Australia include:

  • Instant cold packs and hot packs
  • Pocket warmers
  • Covers for disposable gel packs
  • Cotton wool rolls
  • Coverplast band-aids
  • Family first aid kits
  • Sterile eye pads
  • Silver nitrate applicators
  • Suture kits
  • Thermal shock blankets
  • Tourniquets
  • Travel first aid kits
  • Wound measurement guides

At Superior Healthcare, first aid supplies are just part of what we do for our customers. In fact, our first aid supplies in Australia are just part of a wider wound management range, which covers everything from ointments to accessories. With the same great brands on offer across our range, choose Superior Healthcare for wound management supplies such as:

To find out more about the Superior Healthcare process, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can reach us on 03 8787 8222 during business hours or reach us online at any time. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

*Next day dispatch for all items in stock and ordered before 3 PM

First Aid Kits

As part of our range of first aid supplies, Superior Healthcare is proud to provide high-quality first aid kits for a range of environments. This includes family first aid kits and travel first aid kits. Suture kits are also available in our range. Shop online now for a full range of first aid kits and first aid supplies from the Superior team!

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Bodichek Hot/Cold Pack Premium Large Each

Product Code: PCAX958-1

Description: Premium Hot/Cold Pack, comes with towel bag. Large Size 18cm x 28cm. Can be frozen for Cold Application (to reduce...

Brand: Bodichek


$10.35 (Ex GST)

Bodichek Hot/Cold Pack Premium Medium Each

Product Code: PN602-1

Description: Premium Hot / Cold Pack comes with towel bag. Medium Size 13 12cm x 28cm. Can be frozen for Cold Application (to...

Brand: Bodichek


$12.90 (Ex GST)

Bodichek Hot/Cold Pack Premium Waist/Back Each

Product Code: PCAX904-1

Description: Premium Hot/Cold Pack, comes with belt to hold pack. Pack Size 17cm x 29cm. Belt Length 1.45m. Designed for Neck and...

Brand: Bodichek


$18.90 (Ex GST)

Bodichek Hot/Cold Pack Small (Gel), Each

Product Code: PCAX934-1

Description: Economy Hot/Cold Pack. Small Size 12cm x 22cm. Can be frozen for Cold Application (to reduce swelling, cool down a...

Brand: Bodichek


$9.00 (Ex GST)

Bodichek Instant Cold Pack Large Each

Product Code: PCAX064-1

Description: Ready to use, Aaxis Instant Cold Park provides fast relief of pain and swelling caused by sprains, strains,...

Brand: Bodichek


$6.90 (Ex GST)

Bodichek Instant Cold Pack Medium Each

Product Code: PCAX101-1

Description: Instant cold therapy for soft tissue injuries, muscles strains and pains, bruises, minor burns, headaches and insect...

Brand: Bodichek


$6.50 (Ex GST)

Bodichek Instant Cold Pack Small Twin Pack

Product Code: PCAX103-2

Description: Ready to use, Aaxis Instant Cold Park provides fast relief of pain and swelling caused by sprains, strains,...

Brand: Bodichek


$4.55 (Ex GST)

Eye Bath Each

Product Code: GMEB088-1


$1.85 (Ex GST)

Family First Aid Kit 126Pc Each

Product Code: GMPH637-1

Description: Perfect For the Family Designed To Cater To Most Emergencies An Essential At Home Or On Family Holidays! Treatment:...


$27.20 (Ex GST)

First Aid Kit All Round Home Kit Tackle BOX Each

Product Code: WMPR295-1

Description: Purpose: The K295 is purpose built for home use but because of the portable box it is also great for the car, 4WD or...


$75.00 (Ex GST)

First Aid Kit Travel Pack 75Pce Each

Product Code: GMPH075-1

Description: Enhanced Content, Treats More Injuries Fits Easily Into Luggage, Backpacks Or Glove Box An Essential Travel Accessory...


$15.99 (Ex GST)

Hotteeze Large Heat Pad, Pack 10

Product Code: CPCH740-10

Description: Pack contains 10 individual Heat Pads Self-heating Ideal for pain relief (heat therapy) and comfort Up to 14 hours...


$22.20 (Ex GST)

Liberty Disposable Covers For Gel Packs PKT 10

Product Code: PCPA511-10

Brand: Liberty


$8.90 (Ex GST)

Liberty Hot/Cold Gel Pack Reusable Each

Product Code: PCPA510-1

Description: SAFE AND NON-TOXIC! Liberty Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs provide natural, drug-free pain relief and deliver...

Brand: Liberty


$4.90 (Ex GST)

Microbeads Professional Heatpack Cervical (Black)

Product Code: PCWHC001-1

Description: SIZE: 12.5CM x 66CM Microbeads Professional Heat pack - Cervical Microwaveable Moist Heat: Ready in 60 seconds...


$57.80 (Ex GST)

Microbeads Professional Heatpack Large (Black)

Product Code: PCWHC002-1

Description: Microbeads Professional Heat Pack - Large Microwaveable Moist heat: Ready In 60 Seconds Therapack Professional...


$59.80 (Ex GST)

S&M Instant Cold Pack Medium Each

Product Code: PCAX331-1

Brand: Aaxis


$3.35 (Ex GST)

S+M Hot/Cold Pack Large Each

Product Code: PNAX909-1

Description: Heat and cold are the two most common types of non-invasive and no addictive pain-relief therapies for muscle and...

Brand: Aaxis


$7.90 (Ex GST)

S+M Hot/Cold Pack Medium Each

Product Code: PCAX610-1

Description: S+M's Hot/Cold Pack is specially designed for comfortable and convenient application of heat or cold to painful areas...

Brand: Aaxis


$4.90 (Ex GST)