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Instrument Cleaning

Keep your hospital as clean as possible and safe for patients with the hospital disinfectant from the medical product supply experts at Superior Healthcare. Our high-grade hospital disinfectant sanitises medical instruments after procedures in preparation for the next procedure, greatly reducing the chance of contamination and helping patients recover after a procedure.




Antibacterial Disinfectant

With operations, constant visitors bringing in germs, and a wide range of patients with a wide range of illnesses all under one roof hospitals and other medical facilities can be host to a wide selection of bacteria. With our premium antibacterial disinfectants hospitals across Australia can maintain their rooms, wards, hallways, and operating theatres to the highest standard. To find out more about our effective and affordably-priced antibacterial disinfectants, call Superior Healthcare today!


The Go-to Name in Hospital Disinfectant Supply

When it comes to hospital disinfectant, there is no-excuse for subpar products. At Superior Healthcare we only stock the highest quality and most reliable disinfectant products available, meaning our customers can be confident they are purchasing a proven and professional disinfectant that will provide a comprehensive service where needed.

Our staff can assist customers in finding the right type of disinfectant product to meet the daily needs of your any hospital or medical clinic, and ensure they can provide their patients with safe and professional care.


A Comprehensive Range of Antibacterial Disinfectant

When looking to disinfect areas of a hospital ward or operating theatre, it is crucial to find a product that is not only highly effective, but is simple and easy to use and won’t cause unwanted delays when it is being applied.

At Superior Healthcare we are passionate about providing our customers with only the most trusted and leading antibacterial disinfectants available, allowing them to properly clean and maintain all surfaces and areas of their medical centre of hospital.

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Aidal Plus 50 Test Strips BOX 2

Product Code: CSWH018-2

Description: AIDAL PLUS: Aidal® Plus is a stable, odour suppressed, mildly acidic 2% glutaraldehyde...


$275.00 (Ex GST)

Aidal Plus Sterilant 5L Each

Product Code: CSWH210-1

Description: AIDAL® PLUS is suitable for use in Hospitals, Dental and Medical Surgeries and Veterinary Hospitals, for the...


$79.95 (Ex GST)

Instrumax Pink Disinfectant 5L Each

Product Code: CSWH041-1

Description: Instrumax® Pink is a specially formulated instrument grade disinfectant – low level. Instrumax® Pink is...


$58.60 (Ex GST)

Medizyme Natural Enzyme Cleaner 5L Each

Product Code: CSWH044-1

Description: MEDIZYME is a specialised enzymatic detergent solution that is capable of removing blood and other protein deposits....


$125.00 (Ex GST)

Sonex Alkaline Instrument Detergent 5L Each

Product Code: CSWH171-1

Description: Sonex® is a highly active liquid detergent free of dye and odour. It is designed for machine cleaning of...


$69.00 (Ex GST)

Sonidet Detergent 5L Each

Product Code: CSWH487-1

Description: Sonidet® is a highly active NEUTRAL liquid detergent specifically designed for both machine and manual cleaning...


$50.00 (Ex GST)

Viraclean 5L Each

Product Code: CSMC183-1

Description: Nothing is more important than safety – your safety, the safety of your colleagues and the safety of the...


$50.00 (Ex GST)

Viraclean Spray Bottle 500mL Each

Product Code: CSEB564-1

Description: Nothing is more important than safety – your safety, the safety of your colleagues and the safety of the...


$14.90 (Ex GST)

Viraclean Squeeze Bottle 500mL Each

Product Code: WH210574

Description: Nothing is more important than safety – your safety, the safety of your colleagues and the safety of the...


$14.90 (Ex GST)