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Gowns & Aprons

Keep mess to a minimum with the products and solutions from the experts at Superior Healthcare. Made from high-quality materials that shield the wearer from exposure to harmful products and matter, as well as food and liquid, our selection of disposable aprons help to keep the clothing under the apron free from contamination.

Available at competitive prices and able to be delivered promptly, our disposable aprons are perfect for cooking, cleaning, and a variety of other roles that medical professionals and other support staff may find themselves conducting.

Our disposable aprons are comfortable to wear, meaning the user does not feel limited or constrained with the apron on. They are also simple and easy to put on and remove, allowing the wearer to change aprons quickly when needed and dispose of them by handling the apron as little as possible.

Contact the Superior Healthcare team today for information across our wide range of disposable aprons, as well as our other protective equipment.

PPE Gowns

Ensure that you have the best protection thanks to the PPE gowns stocked by Superior Healthcare. Versatile and made from resilient materials, our PPE gowns are well suited for wear by surgeons, medical professionals, and others who may be exposed to biological contaminants and bodily fluids during the course of their shift.

All PPE gowns supplied by Superior Healthcare are durable, reliable, and easy to use, meaning they can be quickly put on or removed where needed, such as the busy emergency department of a hospital. At Superior Healthcare, we are passionate about providing those in the medical field with the very best materials and equipment, allowing them to do their job without issue or increased concern for their own personal wellbeing. That is why all PPE gowns in our range are from proven and trusted brands and will provide a dependable service as required.

Surgical Isolation Gowns

Prevent the accidental exposure to contaminants thanks to the surgical isolation gowns from the experts at Superior Healthcare. Easy to wear and specifically made to meet the demands of hospital environments, our surgical isolation gowns cover the body and arms, front and back, ensuring that no fluids are splashed directly onto skin or clothing.

These surgical isolation gowns allow the user to move about freely and without issue, meaning they can perform delicate and intricate procedures while keeping themselves protected from possible infection or exposure.

Superior Healthcare is proud to be a trusted name when it comes to the supply of surgical isolation gowns and other personal protective equipment, with our team working tirelessly to provide our customers with comprehensive and proven services and products.

Disposable PPE Gowns

At Superior Healthcare, we know exactly what products and supplies that our customers require to ensure that they can safely operate in their place of work. With the risk of contamination and exposure to harmful fluids high in a hospital, it is important that you have the right personal protective equipment for the highest level of protection.

Made from premium materials and specifically designed for hazardous environments, our range of disposable PPE gowns are made to be worn and then safely disposed of, greatly reducing the likelihood of continued contamination from persons re-wearing the gown.

We have been a sought-after name for cost-effective and high-quality disposable PPE gowns since 2001, working to provide our customers with attentive and unparalleled services to ensure they receive the equipment they need to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

At Superior Healthcare, we offer next day dispatch to get your disposable PPE gowns to you sooner, and also provide discounts to aged care facilities and GP clinics

To find out more about our second to none products and solutions, speak to the Superior Healthcare team today.

Impervious Gowns

Designed for premium protection and regulatory compliance, the impervious gowns from Superior Healthcare are appropriate for a range of medical settings. If you’re looking for impervious gowns in Australia, shop online with our team or contact us today for advice. We can offer you a range of product alternatives as well as discounted pricing for aged care facilities and GP clinics.

Isolation Gowns

Isolation gowns are perfect for operating theatre staff. Offering a high level of protection, you can be confident in your health and wellbeing when you are wearing an isolation gown. As well as operating theatre environments, isolation gowns are suitable for decontamination purposes and a range of other scenarios that involve interacting with fluid and patient contact.

Polyethylene Aprons

Many of the gowns and aprons in our range are made from 35gsm polyethylene. These polyethylene aprons provide a waterproof, breathable and comfortable wearing experience, offering a range of benefits. To enquire about polyethylene aprons and gowns from Superior Healthcare, explore our range now or contact our team online.

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Cello Disposable Bibs With Ties BOX 500

Product Code: PPCL015-500

Description: Cello Patient Bibs with Ties White textured paper 33cm x 50cm

Brand: CELLO


$128.90 (Ex GST)

Disposable Folded Polyethelene Aprons White 85cmx130cm BOX 100

Product Code: PEUH869-100

Description: These polyethylene disposable aprons can be used to protect your clothing from dust, fluids, and contaminants in the...

Brand: Ultra Health


$22.00 (Ex GST)

Disposable Sleeves White PKT 100

Product Code: GMUH820-100

Description: Disposable PE Sleeve Cover is made of polyethylene material.  Arm sleeves lightweight, transparent, uniform...


$12.90 (Ex GST)

Impervious Yellow Gown N/S Knitted Cuff (Tga Listed), BOX 50

Product Code: PPUH810-50

Description: Applicable Directive & Product Standards Disposable Item AAMI PB70 Level 4 Product Description & Material...

Brand: Ultra Health


$77.00 (Ex GST)

Medication Rounds Apron Red Each

Product Code: PESG001-1

Description: Newfound’s Medication Round Apron (also known as a tabard) reduce non-medication-related interruptions to your...


$24.20 (Ex GST)

Surgical Gown Pack (Sterile) With 2 Towels BOX 20 (Special Price)

Product Code: PPMG42-20



$29.00 (Ex GST)

Thumbloop Isolation Gown N/S Blue (Tga Listed) BOX 75

Product Code: UHPP862-75

Description: Applicable Directive & Product Standards - Disposable Item Product Description &  Material  - Full...

Brand: Ultra Health


$69.50 (Ex GST)