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Walker frames and mobility aids aren�??t just about convenience. For the elderly, people with disabilities, or individuals with impaired movement, these walkers represent dignity, independence, and freedom. Whether it�??s the first steps on the road to rehabilitation or a walker frame that opens the doors to new opportunities, these devices represent a second chance.

Walker Frames & Walking Aids Australia, Melbourne

At Superior Healthcare, we stock the walker frames and mobility aids Melbourne and Australian carers can use to give their patient�??s greater freedom. Whether you work at a GP clinic, a care home, a medical supplies company, or you�??re a home carer for a loved one, the Superior Healthcare range can assist you and your patients.

Stocking the most trusted names in walking aids in Australia and internationally, we can deliver to you across every corner of the country.

Supplying Walking / Mobility Aids in Different Areas Across Melboune, Sydney, Brisbane & More.

Superior Healthcare is proudly based in the Northern Melbourne suburb of Epping. From here, our Australian-owned family team connects with and sends medical supplies to customers all over Australia. When you call our small but dedicated team, you will always hear a friendly familiar voice. We are here to give you personal advice, great services, and all the walking and mobility aids you need. With the size of a small family company but the scope of a national wholesaler, Superior Healthcare delivers the best of both worlds in terms of service.

Delivering the mobility aids in Melbourne and all major cities across Australia, we deliver our products across areas including:

  • Melbourne
  • Ballarat
  • Geelong
  • Shepparton
  • Wodonga
  • Sydney
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong
  • Albury
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast

Superior Healthcare also delivers walking aids and walker frames to every state and suburb across Australia. Read about our ordering system here.

The products on this page truly represent the very best of mobility aids in Melbourne and walking aids in Australia. Our range includes a wide range of walkers, including Aspire Seat WalkersVOGUE Forearm Walkers, and Walkers with baskets. We also stock several different walker frames in Australia, including mobility aids with wheels and traditional aluminium frame walkers.

The Superior Healthcare range of mobility aids for Australia also features products as simple in design as leg lifters and as complex as folding, self-propelled wheelchairs. With a range of supplies, prices, and brands to suit your needs, you�??re sure to find something to suit you. If you�??re interested in making a custom order or you want to purchase in bulk, feel free to contact our team to see what we can do for you. Our friendly team is only ever a phone call away and our number one priority is meeting your needs. From fast delivery to discount pricing deals, we are here to provide the superior service and care that you and your patients deserve.

Our walking aids and walking frames for Australia are just a small selection of what Superior Healthcare can offer you. These products are part of our Furniture and Equipment range of medical supplies.

As well as quality mobility aids in Melbourne and walking aids all across Australia, the Furniture and Equipment range includes:

For more information about our mobility aids in Melbourne, Victoria, and across Australia, explore the products on this page. You can always call Superior Healthcare on 03 8787 8222 for advice.


NDIS Wheelchairs

At Superior Healthcare, we strive to provide a comprehensive medical supply service and experience to our customers and clients from all facets of modern life. As an accredited NDIS supplier, we can provide the NDIS wheelchairs that mobility-impaired persons who are signed up with the NDIS require for daily life.

We are a family-owned business and have been in operation since 2001, so our customers can be confident that we will go that extra mile to ensure they have the right wheelchair to meet their specific needs. Our team understands the importance of feeling independent and unrestricted, which is why we are so passionate about providing NDIS wheelchairs to customers who feel like they have lost this freedom.

Walking Sticks Online

Walk with greater confidence thanks to the high-quality walking sticks online from the experts at Superior Healthcare. Made to assist with balance and restoring walking pace, our walking sticks are durable, reliable, and ready for use. Increase your mobility and your independence with Superior Healthcare.

Customers know that we are a trusted and reliable supplier of walking sticks online, ensuring they find the mobility assistance they need without hassle. Our available walking sticks are lightweight and strong, featuring easily adjustable height settings to allow the user to feel fully supported as they move.

Walk with greater confidence thanks to the high-quality walking sticks online from the experts at Superior Healthcare. Made to assist with balance and restoring walking pace, our walking sticks are durable, reliable, and ready for use. Increase your mobility and your independence with Superior Healthcare.

Disability Aids

Superior Healthcare is proud to provide a full range of disability aids to assist individuals living with a disability. If you have an approved NDIS care plan, Superior Healthcare can provide you with mobility aids and disability aids as your trusted and registered NDIS consumables provider. With national delivery, we can provide solutions all across Australia, including in areas where local NDIS providers may not be equipped to assist you.

For more information about disability aids for individuals, aged care facilities, GP clinics, and more, shop online or contact the Superior Healthcare team. We would be happy to offer you quality products, trusted brands, and next-day dispatch so you get the supplies you need sooner.

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Aspire Seat Walker Classic Red W/Handbrake Each

Product Code: FEAC312-1

Robust aluminium frame and easy wipe-clean surfaces. Ultra-soft hand brakes with palm ball - lock effortlessly and...

$155.00(GST Free)


Aspire Tilt And Recline Shower Commode 460mm Wide, Each

Product Code: FEAC030-1

30° of backrest angle adjustment in 10° increments for effortless repositioning and maximum user comfort 0° to...

$3000.00(GST Free)


Aspire Tri-Walker With Basket, Each

Product Code: FEAC600-1

Provides assistance to those who need confidence walking and require rest en route Three wheels make it ideal for use in confined...

$169.00(GST Free)


Vogue Lightweight 2 - Seat Walker Each

Product Code: FEAC531-1

Features and Benefits

$495.00(GST Free)


Walking Frame Folding With Wheels & Skis 136kg Each

Product Code: GMAC750-1

Features and Benefits

$149.00(GST Free)


Wheelchair Folding Self Propelled Aspire Assist 2 450mm Each

Product Code: FEAC320-1

The Assist 2 – is designed for an individual or facility who requires a robust chair that will meet the rigorous demands of the...

$495.00(GST Free)


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