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Aaxis Emesis Vomit Bags Yellow Ring PKT 50

Product Code: CSAX723-50

Description: S+M Emesis bag is the ideal solution to the unpleasant smell and mess associated with vomiting. Hospital grade and...

Brand: Aaxis


$19.75 (Ex GST)

Disposable Paper Pill Cups 30mL PKT 250

Product Code: GMHA257-250

Description: Recyclable Paper Pill Cup Avoid cross-contamination and provide easy distribution of medication Haines® Paper...


$9.90 (Ex GST)

Green Splash Bowl 185mm (1000mL), Each

Product Code: GM567-1

Description: Capacity: 1000mL Dimensions: 185mm x 90mm (approx.) Graduations: 250 – 1000mL, increments of 250mL Colour:...


$5.95 (Ex GST)

Green Splash Bowl 240mm (2500mL), Each

Product Code: GM574-1

Description: Capacity: 2500mL Dimensions: 240mm x 110mm (approx.) Graduations: 250 – 2500mL, increments of 250mL Colour:...


$9.55 (Ex GST)

Green Splash Bowl 345mm (6000mL), Each

Product Code: GM565-1

Description: Capacity: 6000mL Dimensions: 345mm x 120mm (approx.) Graduations: 1000 – 6000mL, increments of 500mL Colour:...


$19.90 (Ex GST)

Locker Bags With Adhesive Strip 27.5cmx20.5cm CTN 1000

Product Code: CSSY874-1000

Description: LOCKER BAGS:  Sentry Medical Locker Bags Bags are made from high density, high pressure polythene. This...

Brand: Sentry


$54.95 (Ex GST)

Medicine Cups Graduated Disposable 30mL PKT 100

Product Code: GMLV256-100

Description: Lightweight medicine cups that are suitable for liquid, dry medications, many household and industrial uses. Made...


$3.85 (Ex GST)

Medispot Pill Cutter Each

Product Code: GMAX305-1

Description: Medispots stainless steel fine blade pill cutter gives a sharp, clean, accurate cut. It is easy to use, has dual...

Brand: Aaxis


$9.50 (Ex GST)

Pill Crusher - Sentry, Each

Product Code: GMMC573-1

Description: Ideal to quickly crush tablets into easy-to-consume powder form in the corresponding pouch. The pouch is formed with...

Brand: Sentry


$299.00 (Ex GST)

Pill Crusher Pouch 20X50 PKTs CTN 1000

Product Code: GMSY542-20

Description: Pill Crusher & Pill Crusher Pouches. The Pill Crusher Pouch is used to quickly crush tablets into easy-to-consume...

Brand: Sentry


$72.00 (Ex GST)

Portion Cup Squat 1 Ounce Or 30mL PKT 100

Product Code: FNWDCP1-100

Description: Our 1oz portion cups are clear, ideal for serving sauces, salad dressing and other condiments.


$6.90 (Ex GST)

Portion Cup Squat 3/4 Ounce Or 22.2mL PKT 250

Product Code: GMLV075-250

Description: Polypropylene Plastic Drink Cup, 3/4 Ounce or 22.2 Millilitre, 250 per Pack.


$10.35 (Ex GST)

Probe Covers Tympanic Genius 2 PKT 96

Product Code: GM647-96

Description: Genius 2 Probe Covers Genius 2 Electric Thermometer probe covers are quick and easy to use with the Genius 2...


$22.00 (Ex GST)

Splash Bowl Sterile 6L Blue 35cm Each

Product Code: GMMP595-1

Description: Traditional Round Hollowware Material: Polypropylene (PP) Latex free Shelf life: 3 years Sterilisation type: ETO...

Brand: Multigate


$19.00 (Ex GST)

Tongue Depressors BOX 100

Product Code: GMSY633-100

Description: Constructed from 100% non coloured plantation pine timber, and finished with a smooth polished edge. Suitable For:...

Brand: Sentry


$2.95 (Ex GST)

Tongue Depressors Individually Wrapped BOX 50

Product Code: GMSY634-50

Description: Constructed from 100% non coloured plantation pine timber, and finished with a smooth polished edge. Suitable For:...

Brand: Sentry


$3.45 (Ex GST)

Triangular Pill Counter Tray Each

Product Code: GMBP506-1

Description: The Triangular Pill Counting Tray is designed for round pills of the same type. Made with precision in mind, count...


$19.00 (Ex GST)