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Thermoscan Probe Covers

Ensure that diagnostic results remain accurate and unimpaired thanks to the Thermoscan probe covers stocked by the medical product experts at Superior Healthcare. Used to cover the Thermoscan when in use the thermoscan probe covers prevent the probe from being exposed to dirt, dust, and grime while ensuring that a fresh cover is used for every temperature reading.

The probe cover keeps the thermoscan clean between uses and prevents multiple patients having the same surface inserted into their ears. To find out more about the probe covers we have on sale contact us today.


Superior Healthcare is the Name to Trust for Affordable Thermoscan Probe Covers

Medical clinics and hospitals go through countless probe covers on a daily basis, and thanks to Superior Healthcare they can restock their supply at a competitive price. We offer replacement Thermoscan probe covers that allow medical practitioners to provide their patients with the most comprehensive and accurate care possible.


The Place to Go for Affordable Thermoscan Probe Covers

Superior Healthcare has been a trusted supplier of Thermoscan probe covers since 2001, providing our customers with the equipment they need to deliver safe and professional care to all patients.

Simple to fit and easily disposable, these probe covers allow for quick changes for each new patient, while always ensuring the highest degree of accuracy in the reading.

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Universal Probe Covers Pack 200

Product Code: GMPM001-200

Description: Thermometer Universal Probe Covers for PRO6000 & PRO4000.

Brand: Miscellaneous


$36.00 (Ex GST)