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Poise Pads

At Superior Healthcare we know that even a light loss of bladder control can lead to lasting embarrassment and loss of confidence. Regain your poise with Poise incontinence pads. Designed for discretion and comfort Poise incontinence pads allow the wearer to live their lives without interruption and without worrying about when they will next lose bladder control.

Made from absorbent materials and easy to wear, Poise pads are invisible to everyone except those wearing them. Stocked for men and women Poise pads are perfect for customers across Australia. To buy Poise pads in bulk contact Superior Healthcare today!


Proud Supplier of Poise Incontinence Pads Across Australia

At Superior Healthcare we provide Poise incontinence pads to customers who feel they have lost a certain degree of independence or self-esteem due to the nature of their condition. That is why we are committed to supplying a range of versatile and comfortable pads, allowing those individuals to enjoy a greater sense of self-confidence in their day-to-day lives.


The Trusted Name When Looking to Buy Poise Pads in Bulk

Whether you are looking to supply Poise pads for a medical centre or aged care facility, or simply want to have a larger stock on-hand in your home, Superior Healthcare is the name to remember for customers wishing to buy Poise pads in bulk.

Our cost-effective product range will provide you with lasting protection from any sudden loss of bladder control, and will ensure you never have to leave the house feeling unprotected.

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Poise Extra Long Liners 1859 PKT 22

Product Code: INCK859-22

Description: Poise Extra Long Liners 22 pack Product Code: 01859      Total Capacity: 70ml    Pad...

Brand: Poise


$5.85 (GST Free)

Poise Extra Pads 91862 PKT12

Product Code: INCK135-12

Description: Poise Extra Pads 12 pack Product Code: 91862        Total Capacity: 540ml...

Brand: Poise


$7.20 (GST Free)

Poise Extra Plus Pads 91691 PKT 10

Product Code: INCK140-10

Description: Poise Extra Plus Pads 10 pack Product Code: 91691    Total Capacity: 700ml Pad Length: 365mm Ultimate...

Brand: Poise


$6.90 (GST Free)

Poise Light Liners 91673 PKT 18

Product Code: INCK673-18

Description: Poise Light Liners 18 pack Product Code: 91673      Total Capacity: 25ml    Pad Length:...

Brand: Poise


$3.25 (GST Free)

Poise Overnight Pads 91871 PKT 8

Product Code: INCK142-8

Description: Poise Overnight Pads 8 pack Product Code: 91871           Total...

Brand: Poise


$7.95 (GST Free)

Poise Regular Liners 91853 PKT 26

Product Code: INCK853-26

Description: Poise Regular Liners 26 Pack Product Code: 91853     Total Capacity:...

Brand: Poise


$4.95 (GST Free)

Poise Regular Pads 91860 PKT 16

Product Code: INCK860-16

Description: Poise Regular Pads 16 pack Product Code: 91860    Total Capacity: 240ml    Pad Length:...

Brand: Poise


$7.90 (GST Free)

Poise Regular Pads Ultra Thin W/Wings 91856 PKT 14

Product Code: INCK856-14

Description: Poise Ultrathin Regular with Wings 14 pack Product Code: 91856   Total Capacity: 100ml Pad Length: 230mm...

Brand: Poise


$5.30 (GST Free)

Poise Super Pads 91840 PKT 14

Product Code: INCK840-14

Description: Poise Super Pads 14 pack Product Code: 91840    Total Capacity: 370ml    Pad Length: 276mm When...

Brand: Poise


$6.90 (GST Free)

Poise Super Ultra Thin Pads 91857 PKT 12

Product Code: INCK857-12

Description: Poise Super Ultrathin Pad 12 pack Product Code: 91857       Total Capacity:115ml ...

Brand: Poise


$5.30 (GST Free)