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Alarm- Chair Exit Sensor Kit Each

Product Code: MCTS001-1

Description: Fall Monitor2 Chair Exit Alarm - This NEW Chair Pad fits on top of the chair seat, perhaps under a rug or cover....


$295.00 (GST Free)

Alarm- Floor Exit Sensor Kit Each

Product Code: MCAC001-1

Description: Large (91cm x 61cm) slip-resistant, durable PVC floor mat with edges that stay down, making them less of a tripping...


$295.00 (GST Free)

Anti Mrsa Disposable Curtain With Mesh 4.5mx2.5m Purple Each

Product Code: GMMP004MP-1

Brand: Multigate


$63.00 (Ex GST)

Anti Mrsa Disposable Curtain With Mesh 7.5mx2.5m Purple Each

Product Code: GMMP001MP-1

Brand: Multigate


$96.00 (Ex GST)

Bath Mat - 340mmx580mm Each

Product Code: FEAC0200-1


$20.70 (GST Free)

Bed Pad Exit Alarm Fma2 - Nurse On Call Alarm, Each

Product Code: FETSBCS-1

Description: FMA2 Bed Exit Alarm - Above Mattress Pad to suit Nurse Call Systems This Bed Sensor Pad (76 x 25cm) fits on top...


$350.00 (GST Free)

Corded Chair Stand Up Monitoring System Set

Product Code: MCHS001-1

Description: Know when your loved one is getting up from a Chair, and get to them before they fall. The RP-BC1-SYS is a Stand...

Brand: Healthsaver


$225.00 (Ex GST)


$202.86 (GST Free)

Fall Safety Crash Mat 5cmx60cmx175cm Each

Product Code: GMAC550-1

Description: Foam mat prevents serious injury to patient in the event of a fall from bed Three sections of safety foam with a...


$149.00 (GST Free)

Lifecomfort Mattress Pressure Reducing Ac Single, Each

Product Code: FEAC611-1

Description: The LIFECOMFORT® PRESSURE REDUCING does exactly that. With visco-elastic memory foam upper, plush comfort and...


$665.00 (GST Free)

Long Handle Sponge Aspire Each

Product Code: FEAC112-1

Description: Features and Benefits For bath or shower washing flexibility and independence Absorbent sponge with reaching...


$21.90 (GST Free)

Over Bed Table (Beech) Each

Product Code: FEQ202-1

Description: Lightweight mobile table positions over bed or chair Can be used for eating, drawing or other activities Flat top...


$197.50 (Ex GST)


Product Code: FEAC220-1

Description: Features and Benefits Prevents slipping in the bath or shower Non slip rubber surface increases grip under foot...


$20.20 (GST Free)

Slide Sheet Holder Each

Product Code: BLIAA001-1

Description: OH&S. Slide sheet stored in safe place. No bending. Place ikan® at waist or higher level. No foraging in...


$12.95 (Ex GST)

Slide Sheet Large 200cmx150cm Each

Product Code: BLAC001-1

Description: Nylon low friction material assists in sliding and transferring residents. Folded-over and placed under resident. The...


$39.95 (GST Free)

Slide Sheet Small 90cmx140cm Each

Product Code: BLAC070-1

Description: Nylon low friction material assists in sliding and transferring residents. Folded-over and placed under resident. The...


$12.95 (Ex GST)

Thermometer Fridge/Freezer Display Digital Each

Product Code: PEKH790-1

Description: Ideal For Measuring Temperature In Your Fridge / Freezer Temperature Range From -30°C To +50°Celsius Provides...


$35.00 (Ex GST)

Wheelchair/Chair Alarm Pad 380mmx255mm, Each

Product Code: BEA007416

Description: Works with all Cura Alarms Easy to clean Ventilated neck prevents moisture build up Non-allergenic soft PVC...


$320.00 (GST Free)