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Tena Pads

Do you want to buy TENA pads online for your aged care facility, GP clinic, or another medical or healthcare environment? When it comes to buying TENA pads online and in bulk, look no further than the team at Superior Healthcare. We understand that the primary continence concerns for patients and practitioners are comfort, convenience, dignity, and discreetness. The team at TENA understand that too, and they are constantly advocating and innovating to improve their incontinence products and remove the taboo surrounding bladder weakness.

In order to deliver the very best of the TENA range to you, Superior Healthcare offers next day dispatch on most orders, as well as free shipping on purchases over $150. Along with our national Australian delivery and our discounting options for GP clinics and care homes, this makes Superior Healthcare your trusted, reliable and professional wholesale supplier when you’re sourcing TENA pads online.

At Superior Healthcare, we stock and sell a wide range of TENA pads online for healthcare providers. Reliable, effective, and contoured directly to your patient’s body, our TENA incontinence supplies are available in a range of sizes, as well as several different purchasing options. If you’re interested in buying our TENA pads in bulk, we may be able to offer a special discounted deal for you.

In fact, Superior Healthcare is always looking for ways to make sourcing your healthcare supplies easier. We stock the leading trusted brands and deliver all across the country, but our team remains small, dedicated, and personalised to you. When you pick up the phone to talk to your Superior Healthcare representative, the familiar voice on the end of the phone will know about your company, your needs, and any special requirements you may have. From TENA pads online to diagnostic medical equipment, we will offer solutions that suit your team.

The Superior Healthcare Promise means easier purchasing and invoicing, professional and personalised advice, Australia-wide delivery, and a Supplier Partner Program that benefits you!


Buy Tena Pads Online

Buy TENA pads online from Superior Healthcare and save. That’s the value we provide and we promise you that it’s as simple as that. If you would like to learn more about our ordering system, read our guide on how to order.

To buy TENA pads online, simply explore the products on this page or call us today to discuss your needs. Our range includes:

  • TENA pads extra, designed with order control and super absorbent materials.
  • TENA pads InstaDRY, which are slim and offer faster and more improved absorbency.
  • TENA pads Maxi, which feature InstaDRY technology and are fit specifically to suit the patient’s body shape
  • Tena pads Mini, with a body shaping design, odour control, and excellent absorbency for patient comfort
  • TENA pads Normal – small, thin, and reliable pads with five levels of absorbency

View the full range of TENA pads and incontinence products or buy TENA pads online today. If you would like to discuss an alternative product or brand, the Superior Healthcare team will be happy to help you. Contact us today for advice on all your medical and continence supplies.


Bulk Buy Tena Pants

For the elderly, infirmed, injured, or individuals with continence problems, incontinence can be a sensitive issue. At Superior Healthcare, we understand that incontinence is more than just an inconvenience for patients and their carers. Incontinence is about dignity, comfort, and even the identity of the patient. For that reason, it’s important to treat these issues quickly, effectively, and discreetly. By providing the best range of TENA pants and TENA Flex pants, Superior Healthcare strives to deliver these solutions to healthcare providers, who can then pass them onto their patients.

Take the hassle of ordering and supplying continence supplies out of the situation. When it comes to incontinence supplies, you can bulk buy TENA pants from the team at Superior Healthcare and have one less thing to worry about for your patients and carers.

At Superior Healthcare, we specialise in delivering healthcare products and incontinence supplies to aged care facilities and GP clinics across Australia. From nutritional supplements to diabetes care, needles and syringes to TENA Flex pads, our range is extensive and superior. Superior Healthcare delivers to clinics and facilities in every corner of Australia, with free shipping on large orders and next day dispatch for speedy arrival in most cases.

While Superior Healthcare has the scope and resources of a large supplier, we also have the personalised and dedicated approach of a small team. Want to discuss discount pricing for when you bulk buy TENA Pants online? Looking for alternative continence supplies that provide the service and care you need? Pick up the phone and talk to Superior Health Care – a friendly and familiar representative will be waiting to take your call and discuss your needs.


Tena Flex Pants

When you’re looking to bulk buy TENA pants, Superior Healthcare can offer you great options from the TENA flex pants range. TENA flex pants are fast to change, comfortable to wear, and effective in absorbing moisture and eliminating odours. Choosing TENA flex pants means choosing a faster, more dignified process for your patients, elderly residents, bed bound individually, and other patients who require incontinence assistance. It also means a more efficient process for carers, allowing you more time to better manage the patient’s broader healthcare needs.

The Superior Healthcare range of TENA flex pants includes:


Buy Tena Pants Online

If you’re looking for the full range, you can also buy TENA pants online in a wide range of varieties and sizes. TENA pants are known for their discreet, comfortable, and familiar design. With a range of male, female, and unisex options, all TENA pants are designed to look and feel like underwear while providing excellent absorbency, odour absorbency, breathable materials, and a comfy fit.

Buy TENA pants online for the patients and residents at your care home, GP clinic, home care environment or any other healthcare setting. Our range includes:

Buy TENA pants online right now or contact Superior Healthcare for expert advice on healthcare supplies. We would be happy to assist you.

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Tena Pads Extra Standard Length (Normal) PKT 24

Product Code: INCT441-24

Description: These small, slim reliable pads in five absorbencies They have an extremely effective inner core, allowing faster...

Brand: Tena


$12.10 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Extra Standard Length PKT 12

Product Code: INCT443-12

Description: Extra Standard LengthA range of reliable and comfortable pads designed for light to moderate bladder weakness. TENA...

Brand: Tena


$7.80 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Instadry Long Length PKT 6

Product Code: INCT946-6

Description: Slightly longer than the standard length for greater coverage and absorbency, our fastest absorbing pads are designed...

Brand: Tena


$8.05 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Instadry Long Length PKT 8

Product Code: INCT644-8

Description: These small, slim reliable pads in five absorbencies  They have an extremely effective inner core, allowing...

Brand: Tena


$8.20 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Instadry Standard Length PKT 10

Product Code: INCT543-10

Description: Extra Long Length.A range of reliable and comfortable pads designed for light to moderate bladder weakness. TENA Lady...

Brand: Tena


$6.90 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Instadry Standard Length PKT 20

Product Code: INCT503-20

Description: These small, slim reliable pads in five absorbencies They have an extremely effective inner core, allowing faster...

Brand: Tena


$12.95 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Maxi Night PKT 14

Product Code: INCT017-14

Description: Our most absorbent pad is suitable for both day and night. Designed with extra length, anatomical shape, a Quick...

Brand: Tena


$13.95 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Mini Plus PKT 16

Product Code: INCT661-16

Description: TENA Pad Mini Plus offer coverage and absorbency. They feature odour control, breathable fabric and BodyShapeTM Fit...

Brand: Tena


$6.90 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Super 757730 PKT 30

Product Code: INCT730-30

Description:  These small, slim reliable pads in five absorbencies They have an extremely effective inner core, allowing...

Brand: Tena


$21.20 (GST Free)

Tena Pads Ultra Thin Mini PKT 20

Product Code: INCT660-20

Description: Use this product for: Light to moderate stress incontinence when laughing, sneezing or coughing – a small...

Brand: Tena


$7.30 (GST Free)