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At Superior Healthcare, we are proud to offer a wide range of trusted brands at affordable prices for aged care facilities, GP clinics, and the general public. If you’re looking for nutritional supplements to suit the unique needs of a wide range of patients, the Nestle products in our range may be perfect for you.

Stocking a wide range of Nestle products, Superior Healthcare can supply you with Arginaid Extra, Benecalorie, and Isosource products, as well as other nutritional supplements in the Nestle family.


Delivering the Best of Nestle Australia to You

Superior Healthcare offers next-day dispatch and national shipping across our full range of Nestle Australia products. Ask us about discounted pricing for aged care facilities and GP clinics and we can provide a convenient solution for you.


Superior Healthcare: Proud Nestle Suppliers

As Nestle suppliers, Superior Healthcare can provide you with a wide range of nutritionally complete products. Many of our products are also calorie-dense to combat significant weight loss.


About Nestle Health Science

As part of the Nestle brand, Nestle Health Science focuses on offering medical nutrition products that are prescribed by healthcare providers, as well as over-the-counter nutritional supplements. Committed to research and driven by science, the Nestle Health Science team has been providing an expanding range of specially formulated solutions since its inception in 2011.


Nestle Nutrition

Nestle Nutrition focuses on providing dietary, allergen, and nutritional guidance and advice across the full range of Nestle products. Nestle's commitment to nutritional guidance reflects its quality as a brand, demonstrating just one more reason why Superior Healthcare partners with Nestle.


Arginaid Powder and Other Nestle Products

Some of the Nestle products available from Superior Healthcare include:

  • Arginaid products: Including Arginaid powder and Arginaid drink, which provide calories, protein, and essential nutrients while promoting wound healing
  • Beneprotein instant protein powder: High-quality concentrated protein that can be mixed with food and beverages
  • Kids Essentials Powder: Ideal for meeting the nutritional needs of children from 1-10 years old

Explore the Superior Healthcare range of nutritional supplements and Nestle products and shop online today.

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Arginaid Orange Sachet 9.2g BOX 14

Product Code: FNNS983-14

Description: Features Nestlé Health Science ARGINAID® is a fat free arginine powder designed for people with chronic...

Brand: Nestle


$54.00 (GST Free)

Beneprotein Instant Protein Powder 227g Each

Product Code: FNNS410-1

Description: Resource Beneprotein is a concentrated source of high quality protein that mixes instantly and easily with most foods...

Brand: Nestle


$27.20 (GST Free)

Isosource 1.5 250mL BOX 24

Product Code: FCNO171-24

Description: ISOSOURCE® 1.5 CAL is a high calorie, high protein, unflavoured liquid formula. It provides 1.5 kcal/mL and...

Brand: Nestle


$97.00 (GST Free)

Isosource 2.0 1000mL Soft Pack BOX 6

Product Code: FCNO832-6

Description: Isosource® 2.0 is an energy dense liquid formula for increased energy requirements and restricted fluid volume....

Brand: Nestle


$149.00 (GST Free)

Kids Essentials 800g Vanilla Powder (Nestle) Each

Product Code: NSNS370-1

Description: Features KID ESSENTIALS® Nutritionally Complete is a nutritionally complete supplement for children aged 1 to 10...

Brand: Nestle


$33.30 (GST Free)

Novasource Gi Forte Neutral 1000mL BOX 9

Product Code: FNNS125-9

Description: A high calorie, high protein liquid specifically formulated with partially hydrolysed guar gum (PHGG) for the...

Brand: Nestle


$209.95 (GST Free)

Novasource Renal Vanilla 200mL BOX 24

Product Code: FNNS397-24

Description: If you’re looking for a calorie dense nutritionally complete formula for your patients with renal conditions,...

Brand: Nestle


$129.00 (GST Free)