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Precise Thick N Instant 500mL Each

Product Code: FNCH656-1

$29.10 (GST Free)

Category: Food Thickeners

Brand: Enprocal

Product Description

It is the next generation liquid thickener concentrate, based on the same innovative patented technology that created Precise Thick-N, but with the following improvements: 1. It is now Easy as 1,2,3, with only one pump needed to make Level 150 Mildly Thick, 2 pumps for Level 400 Moderately Thick, and 3 pumps for Level 900 Extremely Thick. 2. It is more concentrated, so you get more serves from one bottle (for example, a 3L bottle will allow you to make 650 x 100mL serves of liquid thickened to Level 150 Mildly Thick) 3. It develops viscosity instantly within the 30 seconds required to mix it in. 4. It thickens a much wider range of food, beverages and supplements including Movicol®, Ensure® TwoCal, Fortisip, wine, and spirits to name a few. 5. It has a new hygienic seal on the nozzle that protects the product between use. 6. Improved clarity of water And we have kept all the features of the current Precise that you have grown to appreciate, like: 1. Ease of use simple and accurate dosing by pumping and easy mixing with gentle stirring no stick mixing or vigorous agitation required thus avoiding air incorporation and lumps. 2. Accurate dosing (+/- 3%) so you can be assured of precise and consistent thickening. 3. Long term stability 48hours (Refrigerate as required) 4. Neutral taste 5. Thickens hot and cold drinks, precisely and consistently 6. Suitable for diabetics, lactose-free, gluten free, and freeze thaw stable Single Serve: For individual serves, simply add Precise Thick-N INSTANT Single Serve to 100mLs of any beverage, hot or cold. The prepared drink can be served immediately, making it ideal for tea and coffee served from a drinks trolley.