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Novasource Renal Vanilla 200mL BOX 24

Product Code: FNNS397-24

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Category: Nestle - Other

Brand: Nestle

Product Description

If you’re looking for a calorie dense nutritionally complete formula for your patients with renal conditions, Novasource Renal Formula from the team at Superior Healthcare may be able to help you. At Superior Healthcare we stock a large range of nutritional supplements and a complete collection of medical supplies to suit your needs. Whether you’re working in an aged care home, a home care environment, a GP clinic, a hospital, or another medical environment, Superior Healthcare has the answer.

Read on for more information about Novasource Renal Formula as well as the supply service we offer you.

Novasource Renal Formula

Novasource Renal Formula is a specially designed, arginine-rich, and energy-dense oral supplement. It is low in potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, and Vitamin D. Providing the proteins and vitamins that patients require, Novasource Renal Formula is designed for individuals with renal conditions such as chronic kidney diseases, acute kidney injuries, or for individuals on dialysis. If chronic kidney disease or injury led to fluid and electrolyte restrictions in the patient’s diet, Novasource Renal Formula may also be recommended.

In every 8 fluid ounce serving of Novasource Renal Formula, patients will receive 21.6 grams of protein. Furthermore, in every millilitre of Novasource Renal Formula, 2.0 calories are delivered to the patient. This increased calorie and protein is essential for helping patients with renal conditions to maintain lean muscle. Novasource Renal Formula can be delivered orally or via a feed tube.

At Superior Healthcare, we can ensure your medical or care facility has access to Novasource Renal Formula and other renal multivitamin formulas when you need them. Our team is located in Northern Melbourne, in the heart of Victoria, and we can conveniently deliver nutritional supplements and medical supplies to every state and suburb of Australia. Superior Healthcare can provide you with free shipping on bulk purchases and we ensure fast dispatch so you can get what you need fast. If you’re interested in discussing discounted pricing for your aged care facility or GP clinic, simply contact us today. We are proudly Australian owned and will do whatever we can to provide the care and service you and your patients deserve.

The Superior Healthcare difference is ultimately simple. Whether we’re delivering Novasource Renal Formula or diagnostic equipment, our small but dedicated team will get to know you personally to ensure the best service for you.