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Nutilis Thickener 670g Each

Product Code: FNNU274-1

$36.00 (GST Free)

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Category: Food Thickeners

Brand: Nutricia

Product Description

Nutilis is a thickening powder which mixes easily with drinks, pureed food and nutritional supplements. Unlike other thickeners, Nutilis has the optimal amylase-resistant features to ensure thickened food and fluid will maintain the prescribed consistency and not change to an unsafe fluid consistency in the mouth. Nutilis does not alter the taste of thickened food and drinks. Foods and drinks thickened with Nutilis can be chilled, frozen and reheated safely. To obtain best results with Nutilis, it is important to remember that appearance and presentation of food can make a real difference to the eating experience. 6 TINS PER CARTON.

Using the shaker:

  1. Pour the drink into the shaker
  2. Add the recommended amount of Nutilis
  3. Screw the lid on tightly and shake vigorously until the powder is well dissolved (approx 5- 10 seconds)
  4. Leave to stand for a few minutes whilst the drink is reaching the desired thickness
  5. Do not add additional Nutilis, as the liquid will continue to thicken during standing

Additional tips:
You can use a whisk or a fork to mix Nutilis instead of a shaker.

Mixing hot drinks:
Allow hot drinks to cool slightly prior to thickening.

Mixing cold drinks:
Let prepared drink stand for a few minutes prior to thickening

Mixing carbonated drinks:
Stir carbonated drinks to remove bubbles prior to thickening. If drink over thickens, add more fluid to decrease the thickness. This is easier than increasing thickness by adding more Nutilis.