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HipSaver Insert Pads

Product Code: INCH105-PR

These Insert Pads can be used with the HipSaver product range.

Brand: HipSaver

$55.11(ex GST)

In Stock


Mediven Thrombexin 18 Thigh Length (without belt) Small, Pair

Product Code: BDAX595-1

Mediven Thrombexin 18 anti-embolism stockings are an effective aid for the prevention of thrombosis during hospitalisation and of the pulmonary...

Brand: Aaxis

$35.45(ex GST)

In Stock


Neck Support Travel Pillow Assorted

Product Code: FEMN575-1

Brand: N/A

$9.95(ex GST)

In Stock


Prime Coccyx Seat Cushion, each

Product Code: FEMN411-1

$24.50(ex GST)

In Stock


Shower Chair MAXI Adjustable - 310kg

Product Code: FEAC020-1

Brand: N/A

$595.00(ex GST)

In Stock


Shower Chair w/Arms 470mm, Treated Steel 200kg

Product Code: GMAC800-1

Brand: Miscellaneous

$110.00(ex GST)

In Stock


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