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Otoclear Tips BOX 40

Product Code: GMTM200-40

$215.00 (Ex GST)


$236.50 (inc GST)

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Product Description

Bionix - OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips, Earwax Removal Tips, Comfortable, Easy-To-Use, Pairs with Bionix Ear Cleaning Water Systems, For Safe Earwax Removal (40 Count)

Product Features

  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE: Bionix OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips direct water toward the ear canal wall with three divergent streams, effectively irrigating without damaging the eardrum. The flared design ensures it cannot be over-inserted into the ear.
  • SOFT & FLEXIBLE: Designed with a soft, flexible material, these ear irrigation tips are easy to maneuver in the ear canal & comfortable for the patient.
  • EASY-TO-USE: Bionix Ear Irrigation Tips pair with any of our irrigation systems. Simply twist onto the luer lock fitting & begin use. Ear irrigation systems are ideal for medical professionals looking for a faster, safer way to perform examinations.
  • NO BACKSPLASH: Our irrigation tips are designed to direct water into the ear canal, without messy splashing. This cleanly & safely removes excess cerumen from the ear canal.
  • WHO WE SERVE: Bionix products were created for all medical professionals, from pediatricians to home healthcare specialists. We are geared toward bettering the lives of patients in every developmental stage by providing quality healthcare products.