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Infusion Set With Injection Site 220cm Each

Product Code: NSMD220-1

$4.30 (GST Free)

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Category: Cannula

Brand: Multigate

Product Description

An infusion set is a constant connection between your body and a solution delivery system. Infusion sets have several components, including a cannula or needle, a site or hub, adhesive dressing, tubing, and a connector to the pump cartridge if its available. The cannula or needle is inserted under the skin or to the vein using an introducer needle. The site anchors the cannula or needle with an adhesive dressing or tape.  Flexible tubing connects the site with the pump, which supplies solution continually. An infusion set is typically worn for 2-3 days, then is removed and discarded. A variety of needle lengths (ranging from 6mm to 17mm) and needle types (angled, 90°, and bent) are available to accommodate users’ lifestyles and preferences.

Infusion Set Components:

Plastic cannula: A flexible, plastic cannula can be inserted using an introducer needle. After insertion, the needle is immediately removed, leaving the cannula behind. 

Metal needle: A thin metal needle is inserted directly into the skin and stays in place during solution delivery.

•        Metal needle sets will not kink, maintaining a consistent flow of solution

•        Preferred by people who have a plastic allergy