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Glitter Bug Powder 8Oz Bottle, Each

Glitter Bug Powder 8Oz Bottle, Each

$75.00(Ex GST)
$82.50(Inc GST)


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Expose the trail of contamination with GlitterBug Powder and a UVA lamp.

Show the trail of contamination with GlitterBug Powder and a GlitterBug UV Torch.

GlitterBug Powder makes it easy to demonstrate the spread of germs.

Simply sprinkle it on a surface such as doorknobs, sign-in sheets or a desktop.

It will transfer to people’s hands when they touch the surface, and then onto other surfaces.

It can also be a simple check to see how effectively an area is washed, cleaned or vacuumed.

 Product Code: PHMS154-1

Category: Hand Care

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