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Sorbact Ribbon Gauze 1cmx50cm BOX 20

Sorbact Ribbon Gauze 1cmx50cm BOX 20

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Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze is a bacteria and fungi binding wound contact layer suitable to treat wounds in skin folds such as dermal fungal infections, as well as cavities and fistulas of all sizes. Sorbact® irreversibly remove bacteria by binding it to its surface, reducing bioburden and supporting wound healing. Sorbact® is proven to have no contraindicators and low risk for allergies, making it appropriate for newborns, pregnant, and lactating women. In addition to enhancing wound healing, Sorbact® provides comfort by reducing pain during usage and mitigating odours.

 Product Code: WCAM186-20

Category: Sorbact Dressings

Brand: Sorbact

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