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Silvercel Dressing 5cm X 5cm BOX Of 10

Product Code: WCKC674-10

$159.00 (GST Free)

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Category: Dressings

Brand: 3M

Product Description

SILVERCEL™ Dressing provides effective antimicrobial protection, promoting a favorable moist wound environment 

Antimicrobial action
SILVERCEL™ Dressing provides a sustained release of silver ions within the dressing for more than 7 days*. This allows for effective antimicrobial protection for the entire wear time, depending on the level of exudate. SILVERCEL™ Dressing is effective against more than 150 wound pathogens.


The dressing’s unique composition manages exudates in moderate-to-heavily exuding wounds. This promotes an optimal environment for effective wound management.

Tensile Strength
The dressing’s tensile strength increases when in contact with wound exudate. This allows for intact removal.
SILVERCEL™ Dressing minimizes the risk of maceration and leakage and has excellent fluid handling capacity in vitro even under compression and in combination with the secondary dressing TIELLE™ Plus Hydropolymer Dressing