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Medstock Alginate Dressing 5cmx5cm BOX 10

Product Code: WCMS024-10

$24.88 (GST Free)

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Category: Dressings

Product Description

Medstock Alginate Dressing is a naturally derived, non-woven dressing made of 100% calcium alginate fibres that effectively absorbs exudate and provides a moist healing environment.

  • Medstock Alginate dressing consists of an innovative blend of Mannuronic and Guluronic acid fibres with high dry and wet tensile strength which helps to:
    • Absorb moderate to high levels of exudate
    • Form a moist gel over wound bed for optimal wound healing
    • Alleviate pain to wound by hydrating and protecting nerve endings
    • Reduces infection risk by trapping bacteria between fibres
    • Conform to wound contours
    • Reduce foreign body retainment