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Profore Compression Bandage System 18-25cm

Product Code: WCSN016-1

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Category: Dressings

Brand: Smith and Nephew

Product Description

Profore* is a convenient presentation of the clinically effective 4-layer bandaging system for venous leg ulcer management. It reinforces a safe and consistent protocol to heal up to 79% of venous leg ulcers in 12 weeks.

  • Effective Compression: Proven effective in both hospital and community treatment studies, Profore is designed to deliver 40mm Hg pressure at the ankle, decreasing to 17mm Hg at the knee.
  • Graduated Compression: Profore provides higher pressure at the ankle, with decreasing pressure exhibited at the calf.
  • Sustained Compression: Even a full week after application, Profore maintains effective levels of compression.
  • Safety: Profore pads bony prominences for protection and through the use of layers, compression is built up gradually.
  • Extended Weartime: Profore in combination with other Smith & Nephew dressings has sufficient absorption capacity to manage exudate for up to a full week without needing re-application.
  • Cost-Effective: Weekly dressing changes greatly reduce the nursing time required for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. Studies have shown that the multi-layer compression bandage system provides significant savings in treatment costs.
  • Convenience: Profore system pack contains everything necessary for the application of effective graduated compression therapy. Profore reduces preparation time, simplifies stock control and ensures that the correct components are always available.