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Cutilin 10cmx20cm BOX 100

Product Code: WCSN243-100

$143.00 (Ex GST)


$157.30 (inc GST)

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Category: Dressings

Brand: Smith and Nephew

Product Description

Cutilin is a low-adherent dressing for exuding wounds. Supplied in sterile and non-sterile formats, Cutilin can be cut to suit, without linting. Cutilin consists of three layers:

Non-woven backing which contains a dispersant core to ensure the dispersion of the exudate and help prevent strike through

Absorbent core which is 100% cotton

Polyolefin plastic film which provides a low-stick layer. The plastic film is attached to the absorbent core by multiple wicking points to ensure even distribution of the wound exudate.