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Durafiber 10cmx10cm BOX 10

Product Code: WCSN560-10

$132.19 (GST Free)

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Category: Dressings

Brand: Smith and Nephew

Product Description

DURAFIBER is a soft, conformable non woven gelling filler dressing which features a unique new dressing technology. The base cellulose fibres in DURAFIBER are transformed via a process of ethyl sulphonation into a specially blended CES (cellulose ethyl sulphonate) dressing which has both gelling and absorbent properties.

DURAFIBER responds to contact with exudate by forming a soft cohesive gel which rapidly absorbs excess exudate, locks in the absorbed wound fluid and bacteria it may contain and contours intimately to the wound bed.

DURAFIBER has lasting dressing integrity and gelled strength, important for easy one piece dressing removal; excellent fluid management properties and minimal dressing shrinkage, key for achieving sustained wound bed coverage.


When DURAFIBER comes into contact with exudate the individual fibres hydrate and swell as they absorb wound fluid forming a soft, cohesive gel sheet. As the fibres swell they lock in the absorbed exudate and any harmful bacteria it may contain within the gelled dressing matrix. This locking action controls the lateral flow of fluid across the dressing, minimising the risk of maceration to delicate peri wound skin. It also helps to safely hold harmful bacterial components away from the wound bed and may reduce the risk of cross contamination on dressing removal.

DURAFIBER also provides excellent fluid management, easy one piece dressing removal from the wound, and minimal dressing shrinkage, thanks to its high structural integrity and gelled strength.