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Zorflex Wound Contact Layer 10cmx10cm Each

Product Code: WCSY008-1

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Category: Dressings

Brand: Sentry

Product Description

Zorflex dressings are part of the wound management and dressings range here at Superior Healthcare. Promoting wound healing in three different ways, Zorflex dressings are a great alternative to standard antimicrobial dressings. Shop online now to secure wound management supplies for your clinic, hospital, or aged care facility. Superior Healthcare offers discounted pricing on trusted and reliable brands.

Advance Wound Care Dressing : Zorflex® Long Fibre Activated Carbon Cloth provides an excellent alternative to traditional antimicrobial dressings that may contain chemical agents such as silver, iodine or PHMB. Zorflex® offers three different actions that promote wound healing: 1.Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal 2.Conductivity that may restore the transepithelial potential (TEP) 3.Odour and pain management Used as a primary wound contact layer the secondary dressing of choice will be determined by the level of exudate.